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Incestuals are people who are sexually attracted to their close relatives or family.

Incestuals are in contemporary times being glorified as can be seen in the TV series Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is a hotbed of twincestuality, sibcestuality, cousincestuality, auntcestuality etc. You get the point. Practically all major character in that series are either cousincestuals (those attracted to their cousin), sibcestuals (those attracted to their sibling), twincestuals (those attracted to their twins) or some other depravity.

Incestophilia has become mainstream with even an entire new genre of eroticism within fiction that they label fauxcest which is where non-related romantic partners pretend to be family members. And it's not a minority who are relishing in this niche either. Statistics from Pornhub show that incestualism is actually enjoyed by the majority of porn watchers, with searches such as "stepmom" or "sister" being among the most popular categories there is. The rise of incestuality is clearly a sexidemic, yet people seem unaware of what will happen to the gene pool with so many inbreeders.

Lexicology[edit | edit source]

Someone who engages in consanguinamorous relationships is called a consang, consanger, consangist, incestual, incestualist, inbreeder.

Portmanteaus[edit | edit source]

Monosyllabic ways of saying "female cousin":

  • fiece: father's niece
  • miece: mother's niece
  • piece: parent's niece

Bisyllabic ways:

  • fousin = female cousin
  • gousin = girl cousin
  • wousin = woman cousin

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