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Celibates (or cels for short) are people in a state of celibacy.

There is sometimes controversy and a lack of consensus about what this means. It is clearly a continuum: someone who has been celibate for 20 years is "more celibate" than someone who has been celibate for 20 days, for example.

Proposals for duration cutoffs have been made, such as 6 months or a year minimum, when categorizing people into discrete categories like cels vs non-cels.

It also remains unclear as to whether this refers to just sex (i.e. non-cels defined as being "sex havers") or if it also refers to having uncompensated relationships (i.e. non-cels defined as being "relationship havers").

The view of those who believe the term escortcel makes sense is that sex with an escort (prostitute) is still celibate behavior, since it is not "ascending" by receiving sex from a woman who validates you by the sex being it's own reward and not a service done in exchange for resources.

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