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A day on r/HAPAS.

r/HAPAS is as a subreddit community for half Asians to discuss ethniceldom, describe hatred of their parents, cultural alienation, and sexual frustration that they believe is the result of their Eurasian, often Asian-female-White-male (AFWM) parents. It was founded by Eurasian Tiger.

The word "hapa" is a Hawaiian Pidgin word which translates to "half" and is mostly used to designate a half White-half Asian person of mixed ethnicity.[1]

They hate their parents[edit | edit source]

They hate the fact that AFWM couples are often fetish based relationships and therefore do not last long, that the White male (their father) is a pushover and the Asian female (their mother) a hypergamous, lying, shallow, gold digging fetishist.

Inceldom[edit | edit source]

Despite the fact that many, if not most posters there are incel, they also direct their hatred at current White male incels who try to date Asians to escape inceldom.

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