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Galting is a by-product of non-altruist and Beta Upriser thoughts which leads those on the inceldom spectrum to believe that they should financially act in a tit-for-tat manner towards bluepilled normies of society for its apathy towards inceldom. This is done by contributing as little tax as possible, through either the off-gridder lifestyle, by refusing to betabux or other similar lifestyle choices wherein taxation is minimal. It is a form of protest characterized by economical subversions of society, such as participating in brain drain, refusing to invest within society, divestment from pro-feminist companies and boycotting of bluepilled brands.

It is a peaceful, Gandhistic (after Mahatma Gandhi) variation of the Beta Uprising.

Tradcon Argument Against Galting[edit | edit source]

The Distributist, a Tradcon, has made two videos[1][2] to counter TFM's MGTOW messaging. The central argument is that a long-term Off-gridder group must rely on women to survive

  • In a survival colony where breeding is de-prioritized, and skills are prioritized, MGTOW philosophy can reduce manpower
  • In a repopulation colony where men have multiple women to share, MGTOW philosophy can lead to men exiting the provider pool, which increases inbreeding risk.
  • In a eugenic colony where women are selected for breeding, MGTOW philosophy can lead to female defection.

TFM ultimately sees Female subordination (as in the African and Islamic model) as a solution, but Distributist noted that those countries' infant mortality is likely higher, and the standards of living are lower (which is fallacious as Islamic countries with acceptable standards of living also have high birth rates). This proposal mirrors the feminist "dystopian" fiction The Handmaid's Tale.

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