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Name: Wheat Waffles
Date of Birth: Early 2000s
Occupation: Student
Ethnicity: British
IQ: 133 (claimed)[1]

Wheat Waffles was a YouTuber that makes videos on human attraction, aesthetics, and dating. In his videos, he generally advocates a blackpill view of the core drivers of attraction, emphasizing male aesthetics, height and, to a lesser degree (owing to YouTube censorship), race in determining female interest. His videos often focus on debunking what he considers redpill and bluepill concepts of how the mating market works.

He has developed an elaborate system of evaluating human attractiveness that roughly divides men into three 'tiers' of attractiveness, namely normies, "sub-fives" and Chads.[2]

Wheat Waffles offers private facial rating services based on his complex system of facial aesthetics and has debated prominent YouTube dating coaches.[3] In October 2021, he rated the facial attractiveness of several YT dating coaches.[4] John Anthony, the coach who received the lowest rating, took revenge against this by exposing Wheat's identity.

He is a non-incel and has had a successful dating life.[5]

Wheat is the most popular and one of the fastest-growing blackpill content creators on Youtube. Concerned with his growing influence, self-improvement YouTuber Hamza Ahmed, whom he debated in the past and had a somewhat friendly relationship with prior, said in May 2022 to his audience that they have to "stop him" to prevent the blackpill from spreading to a wider audience.[6] However, Wheat became the first blackpill YouTuber with 100k subscribers in September 2022.

Wheat waffles decided to retire on May 12th 2024, he currently sits at over 150k subscribers.

Characterization of SMV[edit | edit source]

In 2022 Wheat Waffles released an elaborate system for calculating your SMV. His system calculates a geometric average of a man's traits based on the blackpill view of what characteristics benefit a man in the dating market, including facial attractiveness, height, body attractiveness, income, penis size, and IQ to calculate an approximation of that man's sexual market value. This done via rating the individual trait against the statistical population norm for an individual trait or subjective level compared to the population norm (when talking about things like face ratings), then raising these traits to a specific power, then multiplying each trait sequentially before rooting them by the combined weight of the characteristics used to calculate SMV. This procedure provides a raw SMV value out of 8. This raw value is then modified by several factors including race and location to give an SMV. His system ascribes a domineering emphasis on facial attractiveness as a determinant of male SMV, with height being the second most important, body attractiveness, income and penis size being weighted equally, and IQ being the least weighted.

Criticisms of this system from his viewers included arguments over the weight Wheat Waffles ascribed to certain individual factors, for example, that penis size is not as crucial as Waffle's claims, to claims IQ is unimportant or even detrimental to a man's SMV beyond a certain point. Others argued the weights assigned were arbitrary and not evidence-based.

Some viewers disputed the considerable weight Waffles placed on location, for example, granting a large malus to SMV for being located in a Western country while giving a bonus if you are currently a college student (and thus have more dating opportunities). Others criticized the fact that Waffles conflated income and status. Another criticism of the scale was that it disregards the fact that individual traits are intercorrelated in general, for example, income and IQ. However, another portion of his audience said the number assigned by his method seemed to track well with their dating experience.

For some reason he didn't assign neurotypicality or social skills in general any weight in calculating SMV, though he has argued they play a certain role in determining men's dating outcomes in the past.

The percentile ratings calculated from the final SMV score also disregards the fact that the variance of a larger factor is not simply a weighted average of the variance of the individual subfactors. Thus a man who was a perfect 8 on his scale would be exceptionally statistically rare, while Wheat's percentile chart implied such a man would be much more common.

According to his own system, Wheat Waffles has an unweighted SMV of 5.7/8. He then adds an extra point to account for the fact that he is a white male attending college at a physical campus, both traits he claims boost men's sexual opportunities in the dating market.[1]

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