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Name: Wheat Waffles
Date of Birth: early 20s
Occupation: unknown
Ethnicity: British

Wheat Waffles is a YouTuber that makes videos on human attraction, aesthetics, and dating. In his videos, he generally advocates a blackpill view of the core drivers of attraction, emphasizing male aesthetics, height and race in determining female attraction. His videos often focus on debunking what he considers redpill and bluepill concepts of how the mating market works.

He has developed an elaborate system of evaluating human attractiveness that roughly divides men into three 'tiers' of attractiveness, namely normies, "sub-fives" and Chads.[1]

Wheat Waffles offers private facial rating services based on his complex system of facial aesthetics and has debated prominent YouTube dating coaches in the past.[2]

As of 2022, his Youtube channel has nearly 60k subscribers, making him the most popular and one of the fastest-growing blackpill content creators on Youtube.

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