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Name: Christine Weston Chandler
Date of Birth: February 24, 1982
Occupation: Cartoonist
Ethnicity: White

Chris-chan, nowadays known as 'Christine Weston Chandler' after gender identity change, is a well known transcel, attention-whore, and bully victim. Her entire life post 2008ish is documented by Kiwi farms and associated wikis.

Long story short, a huge internet mob of thousands of people bullied Chris-chan because Chris had trouble living up to male gender roles, so he eventually just decided to become a woman to end the hell, and now she gets thousands per year in Patreon money.


Chris-chan is an uber-nerd with severe autism who had a severe oneitis and made comics about said person as well as a comic creation called 'sonichu' which is a mix of sonic the hedgehog and pikachu. The 'Sonichu' comic's bad art and storyline got attention from 4chan. 4chan then found a Youtube video of Chris-chan being eccentric and generally homophobic which became a minor 4chan sensation. 4chan and various bullies pulled pranks on Chris-chan to try to make him mad, including but not limited to various A-logging, including catfishing chris-chan through entire fake relationships just to dissapoint him, and destroying her favorite medallion with a hammer and then sending the video of the destruction to Chris-chan.

Chris always responded to the trolling which encouraged the creation of an entire websites devoted to bullying her and documenting Chris' mental deterioration and life trajectory.

Chris at one point got a piercing on her taint which became infected. Later as the infection developed, her taint rejected the piercing. Chris was listening to a 'binaural beats' youtube video meant to hypnotize someone until their penis turns into a vagina. Chris thought he was growing a vagina and showed off her possibly infected taint gash on Facebook as her new vagina. People were quick to worry and a few non-evil people made sure he went to the ER. Chris later said it was a 'prank'

Chris is unemployed and lives with her parents. She accidentally started a fire in one of her parents homes, which made the local news. Her and her Mom also went to court once for an incident involving a Class 5 Felony charge - Failing to stop after an accident where the damage exceeds $1,000 in value, which was amendended to a misemeanor. And a Class 6 Felony charge - Assaulting a law enforcement official. This occurred when Chris-chans Mom attempted to prevent the police from arresting Chris. Amended to Misdemeanor. A plea bargain was reached and both Chris and her mom were sentenced to community service.

Chris-chan today[edit]

Nowadays Chris still draws comics. Her Patreon account which she uses to raise about $300-$400 a month is here

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