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Name: FaceandLMS / Invisible on Lookism.net, Sluthate.com, PUAHate.com
Date of Birth: Mid 1980s
Occupation: Former American College Footballer/White Collar Normie
Ethnicity: Black

FACEandLMS is arguably the most popular incelebrity on YouTube. He is a 6'1" blackcel in his early-to-mid 30s[citation needed]. He has produced live shows and edited videos describing how women pick their partner -which is almost exclusively based on about Looks, Money, and Status (known as LMS theory) according to scientific studies. He has not publicly revealed his face, but his pictures are widely known and shared on incel chat rooms.

His YouTube videos can be described as if lookism.net was one person and did YouTube vids.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Face has claimed to have received multiple rejections during his life time. He has described himself as shy and refuses to meet other incels in real life, although Hamudi has invited him several times to do so.[1][2] Face has however met with a repeated guest on his Looks Live streams going by "Five foot four cel". Because of his social anxiety, he sometimes drinks alcohol prior to his livestreams to appear more confident. He claims that this interferes with his ability to argue.[3]

During the 2000's, Face was active in the PUA scene, and in his live streams has referenced both Mystery Method and The Game. He states that he would meet with groups of other pick up artists and together they would visit clubs or cold approach women. Notebly, one of the group members was good looking had ease and success in these escapades. Face later remarks that those experiences lead him and the rest of the group members to erroneously attribute their failures to a lack of confidence.

Face was a user of the now defunct internet forum PUAHate.

In a livestream from August 2020, Face debated with several PUAs (Rollo Tomassi among others), however, his shy and polite demeanor made it difficult for him to defend himself, and was oftentimes talked over. He was interrupted and insulted repeatedly by Jonathan Hogwood aka "Modern Life Dating".[4] Incel TV later criticized Face for partaking in streams such as that one.[5]

Face has revealed he has a computer science degree in past streams, indicating high logical and mathematical intelligence, and appears to demonstrate high verbal intelligence in his streams, in which he is able to debate well even while under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, his in-depth understanding of facial aesthetics, the sexual psychology of women and men and the overall state of the modern dating market in the West would seem to be indicative of Face being of high intelligence; however, he has claimed many times in his streams to have a low IQ. This is perhaps due to his inability to hold down (presumably coding or STEM-related) jobs as he has explained in past streams, due to performance issues.

Dating life[edit | edit source]

FaceandLMS once had a hookup with an older woman he met at a bar while on a vacation to the United States, Face has claimed that this interaction was most likely due to his English accent.

What Attracts Women[edit | edit source]

Is Face's premier show on attraction dynamics and lookism. Airing on YouTube originally, however today not all episodes are available on YouTube and few are available on YouTube without Face's self-censorship. Instead the missing episodes and uncensored episodes are found uploaded to Bitchute.

The series is comprised of six parts to date with a potential seventh episode to be released focused on surgeries. (Though Face has stated repeatedly the seventh episode is in production since 2020, it's proving unlikely it will be completed and released.)

First episode: The 5th episode of the W.A.W. series has been released on 2019-10-01: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xvtw8W0PBhc .

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References[edit | edit source]

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