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Incel Wiki is an encyclopedia about the manosphere at large, particularly incels, in the English language. It is meant to be a repository of academia, folk theories, memes, people, and art associated with involuntary celibates. Involuntary celibates are defined on Incel Wiki as being those who for an extended period of time could not establish a romantic and/or sexual relationship even after approaching a wide variety of people.

Incel Wiki is and always has been non-profit. Anything that looks like an ad is fake/satirical.

Wiki history[edit source]

The wiki was created because of daily heated arguments William had with Wikipedia admins about the Wikipedia Incel article in early 2018, particularly after William submitted an ArbCom case on Wikipedia. As of 2019, many articles from the Incel Wiki were in the top 3 spots of Google rankings, and the wiki has surpassed SJWiki and other longtime staples of the internet in traffic. For a time, many articles were at the #1 spot on Google, but an alleged Google engineer plus a Twitter mob removed us from having featured snippets on Google, and bumped us down to #2 and #3 on many search results, and many have been removed entirely as of 2021.

Even though the wiki was linked on the forum, all editors have come from outside of Initially, the majority of the wiki was written by Thebreeze and William.

In early/mid 2020, a disagreement about whether the wiki should remain scientific and blackpill-centric or not unfortunately lead to a split between the admins, leading to a ban of the original editors William, Jet112, Thebreeze and also of Bibipi (who later returned). The three original editors/admins moved to Altmark22 became the new admin of the Mikey joined the wiki in late 2019, but unfortunately left in early 2020. In 2021, Bujok and Postcel joined the wiki. Bujok left in September of the same year.

Wiki leadership[edit source]

The wiki was Master's idea, and was initially written almost entirely by ex-admin User:William and Thebreeze. Currently, Altmark22 is the active admin.

Major projects on the wiki[edit source]

The Scientific Blackpill article was created by BlackpillScience and is heavily contributed to by resident historian Altmark22.

Statistics[edit source]

See also: Special:Statistics

Currently, the wiki has 1,451 articles, 73,877 edits and 121 registered users (though only few edit actively).

As of 2021, the wiki contains:

  • 5.9 megabytes of text content (including wiki syntax and links)
  • 19,486 internal links
  • 5,032 external links
  • 730 images
  • 105 tables

Legal[edit source]

Incel Wiki retains legal privilege of use of material submitted to this wiki. All writer licenses only apply to external sites. Material submitted to the wiki can also be used outside the wiki, if the writer applies a license to it, which only applies on sites external to the wiki. This is how virtually every wiki works.

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