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Nausea is an italian user. He started his online activity in November 2017 and changed his personality abruptly and totally in mid-2018, which led to him being confined to a cagethread before finally he was banned in July 2018. His ban appeals had been denied for two years.

unban[edit | edit source]

Nausea was unbanned in 2020

Terminology[edit | edit source]

  • blob -- other user
  • emperor -- himself
  • yeti -- the admin of, SergeantIncel
  • mcdaddy a fearless myrmidon of Serg, i.e a member of the moderation staff of
  • animist a user with a profile picture depicting an anime character
  • spamismus low effort threads/replies, spam.
  • human rights his and other users supposed 'right' to post on, curtailed by the mcdaddies and the yeti.