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Andy Nowicki is an alt-right novelist and armchair philosopher. He has done a number of Youtube vlogs defending incels. He also talk a lot about himself being, "low status", in his own words. He manages the original blog for the alt-right, as well as his own blog.[1]

In 2019, Andy wrote a three part e-book series for Amazon, called, "The Final Solution to the incel Problem". He also engaged in a number of interviews with a podcaster who focuses on incels: Naama Kates. He has in the past expressed much sympathy for incels.

An original alt-righter[edit | edit source]

Alternative Right, otherwise known as AltRight, was the original alt-right blog and was founded by Richard Spencer. It was briefly shut down in 2012 when Spencer left the blog. Former Alternative Right writers Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell started the blog up again in 2013 as chief editors.

Other writers associated with the original AltRight blog include Alex Kurtagić, Frank Borzellieri, Peter Brimelow, Jack Donovan, Drew Fraser, Paul Gottfried, Richard Hoste, James Kalb, cott Locklin, Brittany Pettibone, Keith Preston, Richard Wolstencroft, Byron Roth, Steve Sailer, R.J. Stove, Jared Taylor, Srđa Trifković, Derek Turner, Elizabeth D. Wright, and Jason Richwine.

The blog was eventually renamed by Colin and Nowicki, to Affirmative Right, the current home of the blog.

COVID-19[edit | edit source]

Andy has repeatedly referred to COVID-19 lockdown measures as a psyop. He also appears to not wear COVID masks in public.

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