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An overview of the pill universe by SergeantIncel.

The Whitepill is a worldview based on the maximization of happiness of an individual, by acceptance of their situation, in lieu of denial or anger. It is a stoic and ascetic extension of the blackpill. Put more concisely, the Whitepill extends the blackpill by prescribing behavior, not by just describing reality as the Blackpill does. The basis of the Whitepill is “optimistic nihilism,” meaning the individual does not condemn others for their nature, but rather accepts it as reality and improves their own life to achieve the most happiness they can.

While the Whitepill doesn't strictly follow Buddhist, stoic, or ascetic ideals, much of its suggested worldview intersects with these philosophies, as contentment in spite of their Inceldom can often be achieved this way.

It is important to note that while the Whitepill is used mainly in the area of relationships, it can be applied to all aspects of life.

History[edit | edit source]

The term whitepill can be found in public discourse as far back as 2017, although always in a sparse, ambiguous, and shifting manner.[1][2][3][4][5] A formal foundation for the meaning and usage of the term, as well as its contrast and relationship to the other pills, was first posted in three public threads by SergeantIncel, which came into existence from private conversations on the matter from earlier in 2017:

Whitepill.org (https://whitepill.org) was created afterwards by Serge as a blog exploring the concept in depth. He has stated that his idea behind the whitepill has evolved since then, and is working on improving the concept.


Core Points[edit | edit source]

  • Understanding and acceptance of the social dynamics of 21st century society.
  • Acceptance and minimization of sexual and romantic desires.
  • Seeking of a restructure of oneself through the rediscovery of purpose (knowledge, looksmaxxing, hobbies, etc).

It is at times misunderstood that the whitepill is simple coping or denial; on the contrary, its ideals emphasize moving past desires and needs in order to avoid pain and suffering. Whereas the blackpill leaves the individual's fate to themselves after learning of the reality of society (often leading to depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and nihilism), the whitepill attempts to be pragmatic and work with the tools that are available.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

Although society is often content when a depressed demographic becomes interested in the whitepill, the situation which pushes people to become interested in the whitepill in the first place is often indicative of a maladaptive nature of the given society.

If an involuntary celibate applies their whitepill ideals to their dating life, they might realize that they would be more befitting of a "voluntary celibate," or volcel. Regardless, there is much of a grey area where individuals may not fit in any particular category.

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