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Name: UglyLoser
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: ?
Ethnicity: ?)

UglyLoser is an incelebrity youtuber, vlogger and content creator. His stint on youtube has been short so if he doesn't come back this page will probably get deleted.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

not much is known about Uglyloser. but he states that he frequents R9k and /b/ on 4chan. He also advertized his channel on

Vlog[edit | edit source]

UglyLoser is known for his highly-cynical style of comedy and self deprecating humor. it is unknown if he does it for attention or for comedy purposes.

"I decided to start this Youtube channel because it always bothered me that there was almost no forever alone video content. Heck there is barely any sad content at all on Youtube. So I decided to start a Youtube Channel that talks about topics like being ugly, being unlovable, being rejected by society, etc. "

he usually speak to the camera with a cardboard box over his head, probably to disguise his looks.

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