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A dating show is a TV show in which the protagonist, usually a man, appears infront of women, and the women judge whether they'd be ready to date him.

Take me out[edit | edit source]

Many videos on IncelTV and FaceAndLMS use footage from “take me out”.

A man appears infront of thirty women, who have a buzzer that they press when they decide to reject the man.

If not all women have rejected her, the man gets more time to convince the women of him.

Reactions to Chads[edit | edit source]

Usually, a Chad gets no rejection, and some women even tried pressing the rejection buzzer of the competing woman next to her.

Often, women are heard saying “why are you still single?”.

Reactions to unattractive men[edit | edit source]

Lesser attractive men get rejected by most women after the first impression.

The bluepilled, sugarcoating women do not press the rejection buzzer immediately.