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Name: Jamil the King
Date of Birth: September 1994
Occupation: Student
Ethnicity: black

Malik Jamil Curtis Jr. (born September 1994), better known online as Jamil the King (among various other YouTube aliases), was an active vlogger in the TFL movement from 2013-2018, and part of the black incelosphere. He was closely associated with Kent and Oreo Man. He is known for his long, dreary videos expressing his feelings of depression, loneliness, isolation, and unfulfillment in life. Unlike his TFL contemporaries, Curtis focused on sincere, monotone video blogging as opposed to a humorous or entertaining approach to content.

In 2018, an 8-minute audio clip leaked of him arguing with seemingly an old woman. It is evident that, according to the subject of the call, they had a romantic affair, which became a point of ridicule for Curtis. A frequent theme mentioned in multiple of his videos is his affinity for Asian women.

In 2022, YouTuber SwearfoGod made multiple videos in a series called "How NOT to Handle Rejection" in which he brought further attention to Jamil's old content.

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