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Name: Blue Skies Media
Date of Birth: 1985
Occupation: Construction Worker
Ethnicity: Irish and Portuguese

Blue Skies Media was a nearcel YouTube vlogger. Although the fact that he has been married before disqualifies him as a truecel, the fact that he has had a dry spell that has lasted for several years and has a 99% failure rate at approaching does put him on the inceldom spectrum.[1]

One of his more memorable YouTube videos has pictures of the horrifically ugly women that have rejected him.[2]

Marriage[edit | edit source]

Blue Skies Media met his wife in 2004 and was with her until her death in 2009.[3]

Religious Beliefs[edit | edit source]

Blue Skies Media has generally espoused an agnostic spiritual view, with no particular affiliation with any religious groups.

Sociological Perspectives[edit | edit source]

While Blue Skies Media generally agrees with the assessments of the MGTOW community regarding the modern dating culture, he does not subscribe to the philosophy in practice because he desires a long term relationship beyond simple sexual relations. He has indicated that he perceives this way of thinking as a 'cope', and that in fact men have been 'sent their own way', as opposed to voluntarily choosing that lifestyle.[4]

Mental Health[edit | edit source]

Blue Skies Media has lamented over what he percieves as an abnormal amount of rejection from women he considers his "looks match".[5] In addition to commenting about the resulting depression,[6] Blue Skies Media has frequently documented incidents involving being followed or pursued by "shadow people".[7][8] In some of his youtube vlog videos, he has expressed concerns over being "cursed" by virtue of the many instances of misfortune he has experienced since the death of his wife including loss of quality friends[9], abrupt changes or loss of employment[10], and repeated instances of random people trying to kill him in public.

He is parhaps best known for his "rage" videos where he lashes out at the general audience for not providing any advice that helps him improve his situation,[11][12] and his general hatred for the world's moral and social decline.[13]

Blue Skies Media has worked with several mental health professionals in the past, but has not been able to determine the root cause of his life issues due to the lack of understanding demonstrated by several different therapists. [14]

Social Media Presence[edit | edit source]

Blue Skies Media's Youtube account was terminated in 2023 for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines. He has not created social media accounts with other platforms.

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