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Isaac Matthew Holmes (born February 12, 1997), best known as Marshall Mathers the 4th[1] (known currently as The Blackpilled Joker), is a prominent incel YouTuber. Based in Greenville, Michigan, he is perhaps known for his long, dreary videos expressing his failures with women, discontentment with modern day society, and being a self-proclaimed "failure".

Holmes originally garnered attention for now-deleted videos explaining his sexual fetishes, which were widely deemed by many as "pedophilic." His videos were originally showcased on livestreams in 2017 by YouTuber BasedShaman — who was known for Elliot Rodger content at the time — in 2017. Holmes himself frequently drew comparisons to Rodger based on the similar nature of their content.

Between 2021 and 2022, he garnered minor virality on TikTok by likeminded individuals. He made 30-40 minute videos documenting nearly every event in his life and sharing blackpilled ideologies. In his videos, he expressed and broke down why he dislikes things such as jobs, being poor, the education system, stratification, liberalism, and modern day women. He also frequently expressed his desire to live in a sprawling and diverse urban city, his affinity for women of color, and how he wishes for the released dates of various media had been slightly altered. Due to this distinction, his videos became popular in rural areas in the United States.

In April 2023, he went into a 5 month hiatus from YouTube due to harassment by online trolls.

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