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Catherine Hakim is a blackpilled sociologist who wrote Honey Money: The power of erotic capital, which explains how to take advantage of sexual sublimation.

Male sex deficit[edit | edit source]

She argued that there has developed a sex deficit since the sexual revolution that primarily affects men. She also claims that men have a libido that is on average twice as high as women. As such, she has proposed fully legalizing sex work.[1] The popularization of the term "sex deficit" can in substantial parts be attributed to her. She uses the term in the context of male sexlessness.

Gender attractiveness disparity[edit | edit source]

One of Hakim's central claims is that women have more erotic capital, i.e. are more attractive than men. Indeed one observes, women rating men's physical appearance more harshly than vice-versa.[2] Though contrary to what Hakim claimed, men do not seem objectively less attractive as an internal experiment at OkCupid revealed.[2]

Coupled with her arguments suggesting a male sex deficit, she suggests women should take advantage of their erocitc capital.[3] In another article she titled "Attractive wins and ugly loses in today's rat race", she also suggests that more attractive people are privileged in comparison to their less attractive counterparts who are disadvantaged.[4]

As a whole, the conclusion one could take from Catherine Hakim's analysis is that not only are men disadvantaged in the dating scene in comparison to women, but since they are at least conventionally portrayed as less attractive overall in comparison with the fairer sex, they also face additional disadvantages pertaining to aesthetic appearance in that regard.

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