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Anna Bey (former names Aija Räty, Aija Darling, Anna Becker) runs the 'online finishing school' "SchoolOfAffluence", which teaches women about elegance, etiquette, style and how to penetrate affluent circles and lock down wealthy men. Aija Räty/Anna Bey is presumably of Eastern-European descent and was born in Eastern Europe, moving to Stockholm, Sweden, at the age of 4.

In her videos, she typically portrays herself as a classy sophisticate with conservative values (with most of her pictures showing her engaging in prestige pastimes like horse riding and fine dining) and claims to be a former 'model'. Bey discussed her prior experiences dating wealthy men at some length in a 2018 interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. The article was about the lives of Instagram models, in particular those that participated in the 'yacht girl' subculture (attractive women that are hired to frequent private parties with wealthy men, particularly in opulent party spots for the mega-wealthy, cities like Dubai).

In many cases, these private 'modelling' jobs appear to verge on prostitution, a pursuit many Instagram models were alleged by the article to have been engaged in to fund their high-maintenance lifestyles. In the interview, Bey claimed her work was partly borne from a desire to help attractive young women, in particular prospective arm-candy for the wealthy, navigate the many pitfalls of living this kind of lifestyle, some of which she had experienced herself when she moved in similar circles as a youth.[1]

We don't know how much she has earned with these online courses. Still, on her social media pages, she portrays herself as very affluent (as she advises her clients to also do to snag themselves a 'high-value man').[2] To become a millionaire or bag a millionaire seems to be her everlasting dream. She claimed on Social Media that she married during the Covid-19-pandemic, in January 2021. The lucky man seems to be a Lebanese banker. From Bey's background, it can be assumed that she speaks several languages like Russian, Swedish, Finnish (the surname Räty is a Finnish name). She has previously lived in the United Kingdom, Malta, and she now resides in Switzerland.

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