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The follow is a list of Elliot Rodger’s online activity. It is here for purely archival purposes, as this wiki does not endorse his beliefs or actions.

Elliot Rodger's blog[edit | edit source]

Elliot made a blog at https://www.elliotrodger.blogspot.co.uk/ but only uploaded this to it

Lonely in Santa Barbara Being lonely in a beautiful place like Santa Barbara is truly a horrible experience. As I've said many times, a beautiful environment can be the darkest hell if you have to experience it all alone, especially while having to watch other men walking around with their girlfriends. I wish girls were attracted to me. I don't know why they aren't.

In the sidebar he said

My name is Elliot Rodger. I was born in the UK, but moved to the United States at the age of 5. I grew up in Calabasas and Woodland Hills, California. Currently, I am attending college in Santa Barbara, and while there I am staying the the town of Isla Vista. I have tried very hard to fit in with the social scene there, but I have ultimately been unable to do so. There are too many obnoxious people who have ruined my whole experience at that place. I consider myself a sophisticated, polite gentleman, unlike most boys my age. My father is of British descent, and my mother is of Asian descent, so that makes me a Eurasian. I enjoy hiking, exercising, watching sunsets, traveling, cars, fashion, going to nice restaurants, and going to parties. I have traveled all over the world, ever since I was a child. So far, I have visited ten countries, including Great Britain, the United States, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, and Morocco.

bodybuilding.com[1][edit | edit source]

or am i fukked for life? average being around 5.5 inches

The average is 5.5? I thought it was 4. This is very unsettling.

—04-20-2014, 03:13 PM

I'm tired of seeing losers with hot chicks

Seriously, today at my college I saw this short, ugly Indian guy driving a Honda civic, and he had a hot blonde girl in his passenger seat. What on earth is up with that?!?!? I would climb mount Everest 10 times just to have a girl like that with me. I drive a BMW coupe and I've struggled all my life to get a girlfriend. What's wrong with this world?

Does anyone else get disturbed and offended when you see sights like this? Someone make sense of this ridiculousness.

—05-18-2014, 08:37 PM

Racist post reported.

I wasn't being racist. I mentioned his race to make a point.

—05-18-2014, 08:43 PM

It would probably help if you didn't look like you were still in elementary school.

You're just jealous of my beautiful eyes and cheekbones.

—05-18-2014, 08:44 PM

I see you got rid of those serial killer-esc videos on Youtube.

My parents discovered the videos, so I temporarily took them down. They will be back up in a few days, along with more videos I've filmed.

—05-18-2014, 08:45 PM

Lol no I do not get offended

but i also dont struggle with women

he probably has a lot of power and wealth so she is drawn to that goldddd and money

Did you even read my post? He was driving a Honda civic, and an old model honda civic at that.

—05-18-2014, 08:46 PM

I was merely trolling. You must be new to the internets. It did come off like you had a little bit of India hate though.

Well, I find it unjust that a white girl would choose him over me.

—05-18-2014, 08:48 PM

So how do you know they were actually seeing each other?

I'm trying to convince myself that they were just friends or something, so that I can actually get some sleep tonight.

Even if they were just friends, it still pisses me off that she is his friend and not mine.

—05-18-2014, 08:51 PM

This world is ridiculous. I should be the one with the hot girl, not him!

—05-18-2014, 08:55 PM

I thought some people would agree with me on here, but you're all just a bunch of trolls.

—05-18-2014, 09:01 PM

LOL @ your jealousy. your pretty much offended that someone has something money cant buy.... a good personality. pretty pathetic don't you think? there are plenty of girls that are single that would be great for you but your just missing sleep thinking about the one person who doesn't even know you exist

I have a magnificent personality. The girls just never give me a chance to show it to them. They are such hypocrites! They ignore me, but they give all those losers I see at my college a chance. What's wrong with the female gender? They must all be mentally ill.

—05-18-2014, 09:03 PM

This world is so cruel. I can't believe it's gotten to the point where I have to post online about the fact that I can't get girls. This isn't the way my life should be, and this isn't the way I want to appear to the world. I should be the one that gets all the hot girls... that's how I want to appear to the world.

—05-18-2014, 09:08 PM

height: 5'9

What's wrong with that? I hate tall men who think they are better just because they were born taller. Who the hell do you think you are?

And that Indian guy I saw was 5'7 tops.

—05-18-2014, 09:21 PM

Bro, you are young. You've got to decide what you want from life. If you REALLY want to be smashing the hottest of the hot girls, then you have to find out what they want from a guy and then go out and get it. Anyone can feel a little jealous at times but are you willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want. Don't hate on the Indian, learn from him. Here is my advice. Hot bitches like guys who are worth a s**t and have cash. Focus on getting your education so you can get a good paying job. Be smart with your money. Also, hot bitches like guys who dress sharp. If your style isn't on point, seek out help, get some advice from a stylist. And for the love of God don't act too thirsty. Bitches can smell desperation on you. Have the patience to see the big picture and wait for your plan to pay off.

Never insult the style of Elliot Rodger. I'm the most stylish person in the world. Just look at my profile pic. That's just one of my fabulous outfits. The sweater I'm wearing in the picture is $500 from Neiman Marcus.

—05-18-2014, 09:25 PM

Find yourself a hot chick OP then and stop caring what people do with their love life.

If I could have a hotter girl that the one I saw with him, then I suppose I won't care. That's how it should be. If he can get it, then why have I had to struggle all my life to get it? That is the point I'm trying to make. It's ridiculous and unfair.

—05-18-2014, 09:49 PM

Emails[2][edit | edit source]

Elliot’s email was [/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection [email protected]]

These were emails he sent his father. Please note that this is publicly available information provided by a third party source and is being presented for archival and informational purposes only. No hacking was done by Mumkey Jones, this wiki or any of its editors.

About your senseless rant

Dear Peter,

Guess who? It’s your son! Yes, you have another son, and a literate one at that. Search your feeble mind and i’m sure you’ll remember. Cringe your face and crease your brows if you have to. It has been quite some time since we last spoke, and I have much to say.

Now are you daft or just thick-headed? I suspect both. You actually think my mother is using me for money... well, I always thought you were a bit stubborn and stupid, but I didn’t expect this folly from you. Let me enlighten your obstinate mind to some truth, if thats possible... though I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

It was I who first requested allowance from my grandma because I need money for college, something you promised me quite some time ago, oh did you forget? Anyways, I asked my mother to send an email to grandma Jinx to confirm that I am going to attend college, for if she receives an email from both my mother and I she would be more inclined to help. What, do you think that once Jinx starts sending the checks that my mother will secretly steal them all and fabricate some lame excuse as to why they’re not coming? I cannot help but laugh, that is just too amusing. You claim that my mother is manipulative and conniving, yet you believe she will attempt to pull off a foolish stunt like that; you’re contradicting yourself. Even if she is fool enough to try such a farce, why go through the trouble? She has a decent-paying job, unlike you, and many rich connections. An extra $120 a month wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

The money was for me, for my college. So now you are going to go bat-shit crazy on me for requesting some money from your mother? If you do you would clearly be insane, because you yourself suggested that my grandma help me out with college just six months ago. Hell, you even asked Jinx yourself.

The same debacle occurred when my mother requested that you pay for my car insurance. You should have at least had the decency to help out with half of it, financial crisis or no. As a father you haven’t helped me out for the last two years. You might as well have been nonexistent. Oh yes... there was that one cheap bike you bought me a few months ago; it’s broken now, not like that matters since I have a car, but you still have my utmost appreciation for that, surely.

You cannot blame me for my harsh word Peter; it’s the truth. If you even consider me a son you would’ve at least tried to speak with me in the past three months, knowing what struggles I’ve been through, but no, you wouldn’t even do that. Afraid of my voice? or did your dominant wife command you to never speak to me? In the past three months, the only squeak I’ve heard from you are your angry, irrational emails you send my mother, and yes, she shows them to me as they concern me, and I am an adult.

After reading the email you sent yesterday, I seriously cannot help but wonder what twisted conceptions have been planted in your head. This reeks of Soumaya’s manipulation, to be sure. But that is just a suspicion. I would not be surprised though, because from my experience with you and her, she has to but say the word and you turn into her raging dog. Ok now you are going to start ranting about how much Soumaya loves the family and how much she has helped you, yes yes yes. Of course she has given her fair share of aid to the family, who wouldn’t? But she has been an utter bitch towards me throughout the years. You just cannot realize it because she has such a strong hold over you. Honestly, I do not know what you even see in that woman, you cow down to her every whim... is she even a good lay? Hah, from the way she supposedly walks around the house naked all day I’de say she gives you quite a tease. Though her naked body wouldn’t be much to look at. Oh and every summer she flies off to Morocco and spends all your hard earned money, leaving you in a cold empty bed. Not the kind of wife I’d want, let alone worship with unrelenting vigor.

Well, I’m going to leave it at that. Think about what I’ve said, sweet father, it will do you good. I could tell you more of the things your wife has done; I could give you more examples how much of an obtuse cuckold you are being, but it won’t be any use, will it? Because of the sole fact that you are an obtuse cuckold. I’ve probably wasted my time bothering with you since the only person you listen to is your wife who you worship so much, and you’ll just disregard my email like you did all my other emails. But as I said in the beginning, it doesn’t hurt to try. I wish you good health (which is something you probably lack, having to deal with that woman all day) and a very happy belated birthday.


Dear Peter,

It seems you have sent this message to the wrong person. You accuse me of showing bad attitude and behavior, rudeness and lack of respect when, clearly, it was your wife who did all these things. I just reacted accordingly. It’s also funny how you accuse me of bad language when it was, again, your wife who uttered much more hurtful words towards me, such as calling me a dog and a thief for helping myself to a glass of water which I should be able to do in my own house. I have no excuse for calling her a bitch, I do not need one. I was merely stating the truth.

I showed up at my family’s house, unannounced yes, like I always do, after a long bicycle ride to drop in and say hello. I am immediately greeted with attitude and insolent behavior from your wife, along with rudeness and lack of respect. She demanded that I go out and knock as if I should be taught a lesson like a little child. That is how you two view me, and that has to change if you ever want my respect. After that whole instance I recieve a call from your wife telling me that she is going to report me to the police (good luck with that, I committed absolutely no crime) and that you are going to testify as a witness. No respectable father would do such a thing, even if their son broke in through a window.

The entire email of accusations you sent me is an accurate caricature of your inexorable devotion and loyalty to your wife and your lack of respect for me. No matter how wicked her actions are, you are always blind to her wrongs. It has been this way forever. You have always stood by her side when she has acted rude and unfair to me and always justified her actions. I pity your weakness and lack of perspective.

Judging from the text messages you sent my mother today, I have come to the conclusion that you view me as nothing more than a child and a demented lunatic. My mother has no influence over my view towards your wife whatsoever. Quite the contrary actually, my views towards her are based on the actions she has displayed towards me throughout the years... oh, and now comes the part where you start listing down the good things she has done for me, completely disregarding the bad.

You have no respect for me as a mature adult, and therefore I shall no longer have any respect for you until you apologize and admit your wrongs.



Dear Peter,

The problem is your unwillingness to understand true perspective. Did you pay attention to anything I said in my last email? no, you did not, because you percieve me as a demented lunatic. I suspected as much. Well, I will no longer waste any more time writing to you unless you divest your stubbornness and open your mind. You are a sad case, Peter.

No matter what I write, it will have no effect on you, will it? because you are ignorant and only listen to one person: your wife.

These are the emails he sent his mother from Morocco. In his manifesto, he mentions that he emailed his mother every day during the week be spent in Morocco, begging her to let him come home.

dear mom

i am writing to you from a cyber cafe because the internet they have does not work from my computer, so i cant use it.

mom, the pain i am going through right now is unbearable. i had a horrible trip here, traveling with soumaya is hell.

soumaya has told me things that shook me to the very core. she said you plan on forcing me to stay here for a whole year! that thezre is no return slip, and that you lied to me about my freedom to return home when i want, which is now.

how can you lie to me mom! i cannot trust anyone. i feel so alone. i feel like the main reason i am here is so you both can be rid of me. You didnt even check to see if tanger was right for me. you just listened to dads exaggerations, he doesnt know anything. i hate it here, it is not the right environment for me, everything is dirty, all i hear is people speaking in a different language. everyone gives me a strange stare when i walk in public. all i think about is home. i put a blindfold on and plug my ears to pretend i am somewhere else. this is worse than my last time here, at least then i had georgia to talk to, now i am all alone. i am going crazy mom, this is the worst pain i have ever felt. i want to die, but i am scared to try because i might fail and suffer more. i am giving up on life. I am just going to do nothing and dream of home. I am crying as i type this, i always feel like crying, i dont care anymore. mom i am speaking from my heart. i know i made mistakes in the past but if you come and take me home i will try so hard to turn things around. please give me a second chance at life. i promise i will be nice to my sister and do everything i can to prove myself. please come and take me home, you will even see for yourself that this place is not right for me. i will even pay for it with all the money i have. please do this one thing for me mom. or even book me a ticket home and i will compe myself. being here has made me realize how great my home and life in america is. i will do everything i can to turn things around if you give me one more chance, just one more chance, please do this one thing for me mom. i picture it in my mind, seeing you come meet me here and take me home. it will be the best thing in the world, its all i think about.

i dont know how long i can take the pain in, i hate it here. its driving me crazy, every moment i feel like crying

i hate it here mom, it is hell, the worst experience of my life.

please mom, i cannot stay here any longer. please do this for me mom, come and take me home. all i want to do here is die, you are my only hope.

you cannot imagine the pain i am going through. sending this email sparks a little hope in me. i cannot talk to you as much as i wished. because i have to go to a dirty cyber cafe to email you. please reply as soon as possible. please mom

i dont know what to do mom. i am trapped in this foreign country that i loath. soumaya and terik are very busy and dont have time to dealt with me.

i am so alone, i dont know who to trust. soumaya said you and dad lied to me to make me go on a plane. i cant believe it, please be truthful with me mom. take me out of here mom, i really cannot stand it. everything dad says about this place was an exaggeration, you know him.

i will even pay all my money to buy the ticket home if you cant come......... i just want to get out of here. i promise you with all my heart that if you give me this last chance and take me home, i will do everything i can to turn things around, ill clean my room, wash my cloths. ill go to college, everything. all i think about is home. i want to get out of here as soon as possible, please mom please give me a second chance at life, everyone deserves a second chance.

its so horrible here mom, everything that dad said about it is his own perception, and he exaggerates everything.

i picture you coming to take me home, i think about it so much, it is all i want. come here and you will see that it is not the right place for me, then we can go home together. it would be the best thing that will ever happen to me.

please take me home mom, i dont know how much longer i can bare this place without going crazy. i try so hard to hold it all in. please dont let me go through this mom.

this will be the last emails i write to you today but i can come back to the cyber cafe tommorrow. its my only spark of hope. please help me mom.

This was an email he sent Soumaya.

Hello Soumaya

Hey Soumaya

The situation we’re in is not a very pleasant one. I know I’ve been rude to you and I apologise for that. How about we just forget about everything that’s happened and move on? I am trying to be a positive, normal person now and I think we can get along. I really want to end this quarrel thats going on between us and I think you do too.

Facebook[edit | edit source]

His Facebook, which was mostly selfies, was https://www.facebook.com/elliot.rodger.3 It is archived here

Search history[3][edit | edit source]

According to the investigative summary, “This is an extremely small segment of internet history contained on the suspect’s laptop. A large volume of data was present in the suspect’s web browsers (Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer)”


  • Xingjian railway station terrorist knife attack explosion bombing
  • Guangzhou train station knife attack


  • Philosophy of a knife


  • Did Adolf Hitler have a girlfriend
  • Adolf Hitler’s childhood
  • I’ve never had a female friend
  • Nazi anime


  • Are there knives so sharp that if you touch it you bleed
  • Stabbing incident
  • SRK survival rescue knife


  • Heinrich Himmler
  • Roommate takes very long showers
  • Young people are all mean
  • Joseph Goebbels has a jewis name


  • Modern torture devices
  • Spanish inquisition torture devices
  • If Hitler was born today
  • Blood elves are Nazis
  • Heinrich Himmler urban dictionary
  • Reincarnation of Hitler


  • If you were Adolf Hitler


  • Adolf Hitler narcicist
  • Adolf Hitler and the law of attraction


  • Shooting range los Angeles
  • Hitler’s speech


  • George sodini


  • Racism against Asian
  • Holocaust of black people
  • Nazi curbstomp

He also had “extensive search history for luxury vehicles, video games and celebrities.” Apparently, he watched porn on 23 May 2014, the day of the massacre.

OkCupid[edit | edit source]


PlentyOfFish[edit | edit source]


In his PlentyOfFish profile, Elliot lied about his ethnicity (he was actually of British and Malaysian Chinese descent, not Italian or Japanese) and possibly also his height (he was 5'9" according to his autopsy, not 5'10").

puahate.com[edit | edit source]

Hahahahaha. You pathetic loser. How dare you insult my family.

(deleted youtube video)

Skip to 31:30 in this video and you'll see me walking the red carpet at the Hunger Games premiere with my high status father and stepmom.

You're all jealous of my 10/10 pretty-boy face. This site is full of stupid, disgusting, mentally ill degenerates who take pleasure in putting down others. That is all I have to say on here. Goodbye.

—His last post there, dated May 21, 2014[3][4]

The video he linked can still be watched here

It's fake. That guy is probably some friend-zoned loser she is using as a guide during her trip to Korea.

Tyger, stop linking fake pictures of white girls with asian men. Any asian man can pay a white hooker to take pictures with him and pretend she's his girlfriend. Full Asian men are disgustingly ugly and white girls would never go for you. You're just butthurt that you were born as an asian piece of shit, so you lash out by linking these fake pictures. You even admit that you wish you were half white. You'll never be half-white and you'll never fulfill your dream of marrying a white woman. I suggest you jump off a bridge.[5]

She has a tumblr for Asian male models and her boyfriend is Asian.

What? ...WHAT?! Are you telling me that an Asian boy snagged this blonde beauty while I'm struggling as an incel? No fucking way.

Link the tumblr. If this is true I'm going to burst with rage.[6]

It's not about the sex itself. It's about the validation. It's about knowing that women want you, and the feeling of self-worth that comes with it.[7]

He's better looking than any of those tall white men. It's shameful and despicable of him to settle for an ugly asian girl when he should be trying to get a white girl. And Tyger, stop comparing yourself to Eurasian men. You wish you were one, but you'll never look that good. You are full-asian, and therefore, an ugly piece of shit. How does that make you feel?[8]

NONE of them are fucking. Asian men are ugly pieces of shit.[9]

What are you doing on this forum? Do you just come here to brag to us starving incel people of your sexual exploits? Get the hell out of here you demented bully.[10]

You are despicable, OP. You come here and brag to virgins about the girls you've been with, and you're probably lying too.[11]

The problem is that women's sexual attractions are flawed. They are attracted to degenerate, stupid, violent men.[12]

Today I drove through the area near my college and saw some things that were extremely rage-inducing.

I passed by this restaurant and I saw this black guy chilling with 4 hot white girls. He didn't even look good.

Then later on in the day I was shopping at Trader Joe's and saw an Indian guy with 2 above average White Girls!!!

What rage-inducing sights did you guys see today? Don't you just hate seeing these things when you go out? It just makes you want to quit life.

If you're not a virgin you shouldn't be on this forum. How dare you come here and brag about your sex life to us incel people. It's like going up to a starving man and bragging about the feast you just ate.[13]

It is a putrid pit of despair... but it does give a view of what the world is really like, what women are really like, and the evils of a feminist society. Every male should read the posts here so that they can be awakened. There are too many delusional males worshipping women who would only spit in their faces.[14]

No...no...NO! If we can't solve our problems we must DESTROY our problems.

Running away from your problems is the most pathetic thing to do. Don't run away from your problems, charge right at them and shatter them.

If all incels were to start getting sedated by lucid dreaming, incels will become docile and there will be no revolution. That is a very dark future and it's depressing to think about it.

One day incels will realize their true strength and numbers, and will overthrow this oppressive feminist system.

Start envisioning a world where WOMEN FEAR YOU.[15]

Don't you want to punish women for rejecting you? Why settle for dreaming while other men get to experience it for real? Your idea gives women exactly what they want. They want incels out of the way. Instead incels should punish all women, along with the "alphas" that women go for. Once that is done, lucid dream all you want.[16]

You remind me of a slave who willingly accepts his fate rather than escaping and strangling his master. Your weakness disgusts me. Having the will to fight against those who would cause us misery is what separates the strong from the weak. The world is this way because you allow it to be.

This is why feminism must be destroyed. Humanity is devolving into primitive animals.


It must be accepted, but not embraced. Human society should never be allowed to degenerate to such brutality. The problem is women, they are primitive in nature and incapable thinking rationally. If they are allowed to choose who to breed with, humanity will never advance. Look at civilizations over 100 years ago. In a way they were much more civilized, simply because women were restricted and controlled. It was a much better world to live in.


Eventually these frustrated men won't be able to take it anymore and will explode in rage and fury, and the female population will suffer the consequences, as they rightfully deserve. Once women are brought to their knees, things can be reformed. The sooner this happens, the better.[17]

The only way such a society can happen is if women were to be completely segregated from men. If men grow up without the knowledge of women or sexuality, then attractiveness wouldn't be a major concern, and there would be no incel suffering.[18]

Go to places where there are lots of people. I've seen it a few times at college campuses, shopping malls, and restaurants. The guys aren't even rich. I saw one such couple get into a beat-up car. Seeing a poor ugly guy with a hot girl actually makes me more angry than when I see a good looking guy with a hot girl, because it just doesn't make sense.

How dare you speak to me like that, you degenerate subhuman. I am not deformed. I am perfection incarnate.[19]

You are delusional. You might as well kill yourself. Nothing is completely set in stone as you believe. Do you think men who you consider 8+ don't have to work? The hierarchy of humanity isn't purely based on looks. Money and power is more important in the long run. Look at the world's billionaires... would you rate them 8+?[20]

Another account on puahate called “The Purifier” has also been claimed[21] to belong to Elliot.

Reddit[edit | edit source]

Elliot is not known to have had a Reddit account. However, it is notable that, three days before his mass shooting, one of his YouTube videos was posten on r/cringe. The original post is linked here and archived here and here

Teenspot[edit | edit source]

Elliot had an account on Teenspot under the username ElliotR1, where he asked others to rate him

After getting a low rating from a woman, he made another account called HotBlondie17 to give himself a higher rating. This is another user calling him out on this

Yahoo Answers[22][edit | edit source]

Questions[edit | edit source]

Will I get into trouble if I dump a drink over someone's head?

Yesterday I was sitting in Panda Express, drinking a pepsi and eating my dinner. Then I see teenage guy walk in with his girlfriend. He looked about 17, 2 years younger than me! and he had a hot girlfriend with him.

I am 19 years old and I'm still a virgin; never had a girlfriend of even kissed. Because of this I feel a great deal of hatred towards other men who have girlfriends. Whenever I see a guy with a hot girlfriend in public I get very, very angry.

So this insolent young couple starts kissing each other while they are waiting for their food, and it was torturing me. I was boiling with rage. Here I am, a 19 year old, watching someone 2 years younger than me enjoy my heart's desire, right in front of me. This couple then left the restaurant once they got their food, and walked down the street. I looked at my cup of pepsi and saw an opportunity for revenge. I left the store, ran after them, and poured my cup of pepsi over both of their heads. They were completely drenched. Then I ran back to the store, too excited to pay attention to their reactions. I got a free refill and finished my dinner, a satisfied grin on my face.

Ever since that moment, I've been a bit worried that there is some kind of law against doing that. I'm always worried about breaking the rules. I didn't pick a fight with them or anything, I just drenched them in pepsi. If they tell on me, I won't get in trouble, will I?[23]

He posted that same question under several other titles, like “Will I get into trouble for dumping a drink on someone's head?”, “Will I get in trouble for dumping a drink on someone's head?”, “Could I get in trouble for dumping a drink on someone's head?” and “Could I get in trouble for dumping a drink on someone on the street?”

Guys who are half white half asian?

Are girls attracted to guys who are half white half asian?

Would you date one? Why or why not?

Guys who are half white half asian?

What do girls think of them?

Would you date one? Why or why not?

Can I get a gun in California if I receive SSI benefits?

If I receive SSI benefits in California for having mild autism and anxiety, can I still buy a gun?

I’ve tried asking this question before but have only received a few rational replies. Can some experts on this subject please help me out here?

Would applying for SSI benefits disqualify me from buying a gun in California? To apply for SSI benefits I would have to say that I have a disability. Would that disqualify me from purchasing a gun in California?

Sexual opportunities in the Air Force?

I am 19 years old and a virgin. I’ve never touched a girl in my life, yet I think of sex every second of every day.

My parents are pressuring me to join the Air Force. I would join, but my concern is that I won’t have any opportunities to finally have sex. I hear many people say that there’s absolutely no chances to have sex in any branch of the military.

The thought of living another 4 years (and if I do join, 4 tough years) without sex... well, it tortures me to even think about it.

So I ask this to men who have been in the Air Force: Were there any sexual opportunities during your time in the Air Force?

Honest, serious answers please.

And for those of you who would say “get a prostitute”.. I will never get a prostitute, because that defeats the whole purpose of sex. A prostitute would sleep with anybody who pays them. I want to feel special. I want a girl to want me as much as I want her.

Answers[edit | edit source]

Who is the best Avatar villain?

The best villain: Zuko, from season 1 You forgot to list him.

My muscles hurt from 5km run. what can i do?


Why do people like to have sex?

I can only imagine that it feels like heaven. Too bad all I do is imagine. Those evil bastards that actually get to experience it are all greedy jerks.

Do you like staying up really late at night?


How do you get a girl to like you in 7th or 8th grade?

You're way too young to be thinking about such things.

What is your eye colour?


Bullied by boys so much, I can't even think of them anymore?

You're mixing with the wrong type of guys.

Should there be a special place in hell for people who talk in movie theatres?

Definitely yes.

What's something a lot of people are ignorant about?

History, the world...

I want custody if my little brother?

You’re 20. That’s way too young to have custody of a child. 20 year olds can’t even take care of themselves yet. Most 20 year olds still live with their parents.

Is 5ft 8.5in short for 16?

Are you an idiot? That is very, very tall. I am 19 and the same height as you. I ******* hate it when people younger than me are taller.

Never got the college dating nostalgia?

If you’ve hung out with jocks then you’re just as evil as them. Horrible jerk.

Where can i buy a chair like this?

I’ve seen them at Office Depot.

Why people de-clawed cats ,it is inhumain?

So the cat doesn’t scratch the owner.

What is love and why do i like/love him so much?

Stupid little girl. So what if he doesn’t like you? There are tons of other guy out there.

How do I choose which person to date? ?

The best choice is the one who is a nice, quiet gentleman.

Supernatural question! help!?

First you need to find out if you actually had a past life.

If i was given a yellow ticket for shoplifting, will this be put on a criminal record?

Yes, it will be on your permanent criminal record.

Is it ok to live alone?

It is hell. And it’s very sad because some people have no choice but to be alone.

Why do SO many guys hate Justin Bieber?

Because of slutty whores like yourself who are obsessed with a guy like Justin Bieber who you don’t even fcking KNOW. There are so many decent guys out here who try so hard just to get one girl. It’s not fair.

Why do people hate Justin Bieber?

Because we find it ridiculous how all these girls are obsessed with him when so many other guys out there have to try so hard just to get one girl. It’s unfair and it’s unjust. Justin Bieber is a thief who steals all the attention of girls from all the nice, decent guys out there.

Massive national disaster hit Japan... so why no looters like in New Orleans?

The Japanese are very respectful.

Is it ok to flirt with other girls if you have a girlfriend?

No it’s not, you spoiled ungrateful douchebag. Some people would kill to have a girlfriend, and you’re taking advantage of it, you depraved jerk.

Can you become a Navy Seal with a juvenile record?

I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be able to.

My little brother was beat up by a middle schooler?

Report them for a hate crime. They will be severely punished.

Do Women Desire Men Sexually and Do They Get Sexuall Pleasure From Men and the Essence of Men.?

No, they don’t. I’m a man (well, legally I am because i’m 19) and women have never even talked to me.

How long does it take to get use to braces?

About 4 months, I would say.

I’m 16years old and since the last 2 days my rightside if my balls started hurting??!?? ?

No one wants to die a virgin, but some are doomed to that fate. It’s a cruel would, I know.

Does arthritis makes your knee grind? Please help:) ?


Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

Elliot had a Wikipedia account under ElliotR1. His contributions can be viewed here.

WoW Forums[edit | edit source]

Elliot was addicted to World of Warcraft, as he often mentions in his manifesto and diaries. He played on the Tichondrius server and had multiple level 80 characters. He also posted on WoW forums.

YouTube[edit | edit source]

Elliot’s YouTube channel is archived here. He uploaded several videos to it which can be watched here

Published on May 23, 2014

Girls have never seemed to have any interest in me, and I want to know why. I'm such a perfect, beautiful, fabulous guy. I should never have had any problems with girls, but I do, and I find that ridiculous.

This video is a reupload. I had to take the last one down because it gained too much negative attention. I'll keep uploading it until I get at least one honest answer from an actual girl.

—Description of one of his videos

It angers me so much to see these people having so much fun here. I've lived here for over a year now and it's been such a miserable experience. I haven't been invited to a single party, and all the girls ignore me when I walk around at night. I'm the perfect sophisticated gentleman, but these heartless girls only like to be with the obnoxious douchebags.

—Comment on a video titled "UCSB Deltopia 2012 - Sbpartyscene.com - Isla Vista"

That video is now deleted but can still be watched here

My favorite Pokemon song. Very invigorating!

—Comment on the Pokemon song "Born to be a Winner"

Elliot had also mentioned liking Pokemon in his manifesto. The video in question is still online but with the comments turned off.

Although there is little proof that these accounts belonged to him, it is claimed that he had several other accounts on YouTube which he used to spam Justin Bieber videos. Below are some examples of these comments.

Valtharion[edit | edit source]

He also had a channel named Valtharion. Below are some of his comments from there[24][25][26]

People need to stop bullying, but not only that. People also need to start accepting everyone. People need to befriend those lonely shy individuals instead of shun them, to make them feel like they belong. Social classes are evil, and lead to tragedies such as this. Humanity needs to unite as equals.

—comment on a Virginia Tech tribute video

LOL! It would be so fun to squish that thing's head in between my fingers until it pops.

—comment on a puppy video

Hahaha, I am a very beautiful man. And white people worshipped me at school. They all looked at me with envy when I pulled up in my BMW. My family is very rich, and I will impregnate lots of beautiful blonde white women and create superior Eurasian children who will grow up with lots of money and bully your ugly degenerate children if they ever cross them.

Shut the hell up you ugly jealous little retard. Men who are half white half asian are the most beautiful. We are the new master race, above both whites and asians. You are just JEALOUS. Crawl back into your hole, you pathetic worm.

You're the one trolling here. You won't even show your ugly face. I am the superior one. If you saw me in real life right now you would cower under a rock.

—An argument

That's one of the most horrific deaths imaginable. Getting killed by the guy who's dating the girl you like, while the girl gleefully watches.

Bullies do kill people. Do you know how many kids commit suicide because of bullying?

Celebrities serve no function in society. They get too much fame and too much money just for acting or singing. They are nothing but performers. What do the do for the world? Perhaps we should take away their money and give it to people who actually contribute to the world, like doctors and scientists.

No, he is white. And white/asian is not a bad combo, are you retarded? It's the most beautiful combo. Look at Keanu Reeves. You are jealous.

I looked at all your comments on your channel. They are all immature, and some of? them are in all capital letters. No way are you mature enough to have a daughter. And if you do have a daughter, why are you spoiling her with a Mercedes? Whenever I see spoiled brats driving around in luxury brand cars, I always wonder what kind of idiotic parents they must have to spoil them so much. Now I know. By the way, I’m 21 and I drive a Maserati, which I bought with my own money.

Why does this guy refer to himself as a "Asian guy" He is Eurasian, not

Asian. We Eurasian men are completely different, and shouldn't be

associated with Asian men at all.

This girl has kids at such a young age? Sounds like a slut to me. Especially since the father isn't there. She probably let some thug bad boy pump and dump her on a drunken night, just like all sluts do. And now she has to raise his bastard children.

1:42 ****ing douchebag thinks he's so cool walking around with his girlfriend.

That thing is not beautiful. It's one of the ugliest babies I've ever seen. Can't help but wonder how much meth this stupid bitch smoked while she was pregnant to create that... monstrosity.

You're the one trolling here. You won't even show your ugly face. I am the superior one. If you saw me in real life right now you would cower under a rock.

LOL your last name is Gonzalez. That means your dad is probably a gardener or a construction site laborer. And you're calling Swifty "sad"? Haha shut up you mexican scum.

YOU ****ING *******. If you're going to brag online, why don't you show pictures of yourself to prove it? FAIL TROLL IS FAIL.

Shut up you poor dirty columbian. Do the world a favor and hang yourself.

How did those ugly dorks get hot chicks to watch Game of Thrones with them?

Good song, but why did you add those pictures? They piss me off. Pissed me off enough to dislike this video.

—The pictures were of a couple kissing


—A response to one of his comments

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Google Drive of Elliot-related data obtained by u/raskolnkv via FOIA request

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