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Social Anxiety Support is a purplepilled website on the incelosphere founded by ChrisA. It has an incel subforum in it, specifically it's virginity frustration subforum.

Misandry and misogyny are not allowed, and gender arguments are only tolerated as long as a single gender is never blamed for anything. The last rule was made because the men there would frequently blame women for their dating predicaments.'s male users had a very sympathetic take on Elliot Rodger (who pretty much never identified as incel) the week of his killing. Self-identifed incels are looked down upon or ignored in the latter half of the 2010s on the forum however.

Adminship[edit | edit source]

Becky & Thunder were the second group of (co-owners), the third admin/owner was Andrew "Drew" Mohebbi. After that, no one really cared, and the site's use of Vbulletin into the 2020s is quite annoying.

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