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PSL is a sequence of internet communities where people discuss Looks theory, Looksmaxxing and Redpill. The word PSL is an acronym for 3 consecutive forums that overlapped in userbase and prominent forum members:,, and All three forums were well known for being full of stupid, disgusting, mentally ill degenerates who take pleasure in putting down others.[1] None of these forums had sub-forums which self-identified as incel subforums, although the term was widely used in the "Shitty Advice" section of PUAhate, which was the most visited sub-forum the last few years of the site. Although the forums had origins in exclusive pick-up-artistry criticism, after the Elliot Rodger shooting, it morphed into a place to almost exclusively talk about how to improve ones looks to get dates on online dating. broke tradition a bit by self-identifying as an incel forum sorta around 2017, as well as becoming more sympathetic to pick-up-artistry.

A PSL rating is the number assigned to you on the decile scale from members of these forums when asking people from these forums to rate you.

PUAhate was closed and users migrated to after the Elliot Rodger shooting. Turns out Elliot Rodger used PUAhate.

Users migrated to after server issues with sluthate. Sluthate was rebranded to Redpilltalk's server stopped responding in late-2019.

Still active

Despite its name is not part of the acronym, is often referred to as a forum of the PSL community.[edit | edit source]

PuaHate was a website that was initially intended to be an anti-pickup artist site and was created by a bitter pick-up-artist student of Real Social Dynamics named 'Nicholaus' in 2009. It originally contained a splash screen saying the forum was NSFW and all people under 21 should not enter. As well as a footer detailing all the media outlets who had criticized the site. The site's users eventually started espousing LMS, looks theory, nutrition and the red pill. Ideas developed on PuaHate include philtrum length theory, compact midface theory and its focus on fWHR. Although, through the entire boards history, the vast majority of threads were devoted to pick-up-artist criticism and not inceldom or lookism. Nor were there any subforums devoted to inceldom or lookism. The most admired user from PUAhate (as well the entire PSL scene) is Jsanza29, an insecure vlogger who had trouble connecting with users and got very angry about the way Redditors rated his face. He was admired for his brutal honesty and emotional exhibitionism and is still admired in other forums to this day.

Timeline[edit | edit source]


  • Midface theory gains popularity over at PuaHate around Fall


  • mkg wants to get fucked by her tall, big-framed coworker.
  • mkg plans to get fucked by ivoryace.
  • 3/28 - hlimw18 from forums went on PuaHate under alpha18. to prove himself after some people questioned his slayer status. This resulted in a flame war.
  • 5/23 - Elliot Rodger kills six people in Isla Vista and then commits suicide.
  • 5/24 - PuaHate closes in response to the Isla Vista killings.[edit | edit source]

Sluthate was created on May 26th 2014 and users migrated to it from Unlike, PUAhate it had a whole sub-forum devoted to 'Rate me Threads', further solidifying the evolution of the anti-pickup-artist scene into a lookist scene. Eurasian Tiger was a well known user of this site and lookism, and had lots of alt accounts to spread his attitude/worldview. The rumor is that he is not the same user named tyger on PUAhate who bullied Elliot Rodger sending him pics of AMWF couples.

Timeline[edit | edit source]


  • 5/31 - SlutHate was featured in Cosmo.[1]
  • 6/14 - moremoneythanlooks created the facial aesthetics thread. Ideas were copied from the reddit facial aesthetics AMA promoting midface theory and masculinity theory. (The author of the AMA later admitted that he lied about studying midface theory in university and from plastic surgeons.)
  • 6/16 - Orthodontist Mike Mew shows up at SlutHate and posted a video response.[2][3]
  • 7/10 - manic786 gets doxxed by Zeusus
  • 7/12 & 7/14 - moremoneythanlooks creates the looks maxing and facial aesthetics thread, again promoting midface theory.
  • 7/24 - User moremoneythanlooks officially leaves.[4]
  • 8/4 - Poster who claims to be the male model Eliran Biton posts his (real or fake) experiences with women on SlutHate.[5]
  • 8/12 - mkg took Metatron's virginity and dumps him a week later.[6]
  • 8/17 - Ambition/Nordic loses virginity in university.[7]
  • 8/25 - djfranktank and Pleosthene goes to university.
  • 9/11 - pikachu / IcedEarth leaves SlutHate.
  • 9/12 - howdidiwinduphere broke up with his girlfriend.[8]
  • 10/2 - Yul Brynner is getting a LeFort 1.[9]
  • October - A person called JesslynNicole, who claims to be female, posted on SlutHate. This resulted in many men white knighting her.
  • 10/15 - Spartacus got pumped and dumped by his date because she wanted to fuck more attractive men.[10]
  • 10/15 - Greg had a butchered nose job.[11]
  • 10/17 - JebusN0rmalfa6 broke up with his girlfriend of 5 years.[12]
  • 10/21 - Sensdep got laid by using camera angles, lighting effects and morphs.[13][14]
  • animus_liber returns and some question his success with women, causing a flame war
  • 11/3 - AIDS invites Sluthate members to an orgy. Only Tyger shows up. [15]
  • 11/14 - Spartacus cold approached a girl and made out with her the same day. He didn't want to have sex because he wanted to make an impression that he's "boyfriend potential". Unfortunately, she never met him again. Also, Spartacus' was angry that his female friend just broke up with her boyfriend and went out to have sex with a guy better looking than Spartacus himself.[16]
  • 12/10 - Paradigm Shift (a looks theorist) advertises his ebook.[17]


  • 1/2 - lanklet (aged 20) posts that he is no longer a virgin. [18]
  • 1/3 - Emil King (aged 17) loses his virginity to a classmate.[19]
  • February 2015 - animus_liber is doxxed. His criminaal charges are made public and his is one of the most hated members of the forum. This contributed to several more heated arguments between animus and the site.
  • March 2015 - Incelcon 2015.[20]
  • March 2015 - Kiwi Farms made a thread and this resulted in a controversy.[21]
  • 3/31 - alienfranco quit his job and becomes NEET.[22]
  • 5/9 - The Greensboro Jock was identified. It was discovered that he wasn't as good looking as we had thought.[23]
  • 5/25 - cats alleges that YogaPants is the alt of alienfranco. His evidence is that the locations of their IP's match. As a result, there has been a heated argument between alienfranco and this site.

Sluthate was renamed in December of 2015, and appears to have closed after many years of inactivity in late-summer 2019.

  • November -'s server stopped responding to requests[edit | edit source]

About a year after Sluthate was created, users were complaining about its name, server issues, very slow loading times, the forum not banning pedo talk, and no limit on signature size.

Around June 2015 a sluthate user created after sluthate suffered down time for a few days. The admin's name on was/is 'Victory'. According to eggman, male models he talked to online said they browsed as they were curious how they were talked about and how they stacked up relative to other male models. Video where eggy talks about this: [24]. Many users migrated to's better server. Sluthate was renamed in December of 2015 to fix the name issue, despite the forum preferring the name 'incel rage'. By this point was becoming relatively big. is mostly known as a trolling board, one famous troll being a 'virgin' below named 'Orb' (below), who was from's misc board liked to fuck with the forum.

The 'dimez' Hack[edit | edit source]

In mid July 2019, a user known simply as 'dimez' obtained root access to the server via a SQL injection. With root access, he was able to view every user's IP address, email address, and password. His malicious activities included:

  • Doxxing notable users
  • Sending infected PMs that would pull the recipient's IP address if they opened them
  • Permanently banning notable members and moderators
  • Taking the site offline entirely

The site was inoperative for a little longer than a week before the admin performed a rollback, but the damage was already done, with user participation declining dramatically. Online user count typically peaked around 1000 (including guests) before the hack, but almost never exceeded 500 afterwards. Blame for the attack was initially directed at the subreddit inceltears, but it was later revealed by inceltears moderators that they were not responsible and dimez was acting alone.

Zesto's Coup attempt[edit | edit source]

In early October 2019, the forum was vandalized by Zesto/ZestoHot/Mafia/Mafia LT using Josh's super moderator account (which Josh voluntarily gave him, though Josh later expressed regret about this), and every thread on the board was slowly deleted over the course of a couple days. This event coincided with the deletion of many incel subreddits on Reddit, although Zesto did this independently in an attempt to hijack lookism's userbase and migrate them to a website under his control. This event shattered the PSL community, and many lookism users likened it to the burning of the Library of Alexandria or the fall of Rome, as years of useful looksmaxing information had been permanently lost.

During the remainder of October 2019, the forum was still operative, though effectively dead, as Zesto permanently banned all accounts that had been created before his coup. Anyone who wanted to continue posting had to create a new account, but online user count rarely exceeded 20 as most users had already migrated to different forums such as, Zesto's forum, or stopped posting altogether. Zesto continued posting on lookism sporadically during this time, and was also known to publish users' dox there if they angered him in some way.

In November 2019, the site was shut down, and then was re-opened in late December under original ownership and without Zesto.

Board restoration[edit | edit source]

After Zesto's failed coup attempt, Lookism was restored in December 2019 and users moved back to One of the admins stated he had backups of deleted Lookism content, but personal IRL issues had prevented him from restoring the forum earlier.

In 2020 Lookism stopped using the free forum Sotware MyBB and started using the propietary software Xenforo.


PSL and Inceldom[edit | edit source]

Even if PSL forums are not self-described incel communities, a big amount of users is affected by inceldom. According to a 2018 poll, 37% of users were virgin, while according to a recent poll, 60% of users are virgin.

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