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Name: Jyvur Entropy
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: Author?
Ethnicity: white

Jyvur Entropy is a former radfem and female fantasy-writer and gender-pundit who wrote the involuntary celibate fan fiction ebook called: Incel: A novel. Her ebook was banned from the entire site of Wattpad.com for unknown reasons as the book is pretty tame, and she uploaded the rest on her blog.

Jyvur has stated she is married and she used to have a Youtube vlog.
She posted a small amount on yourenotalone.co.

Background[edit | edit source]

Jyvur was raised by a hippie lesbian wiccan single mother who managed a sex toy store.

Ideology or lack thereof[edit | edit source]

She used to be a radical feminist, then a liberal feminist, but changed her mind about being feminist at all after noticing rampant misandry in her movement, and now considers herself non-ideological.

She mainly has an issue with particular subreddits such as r/pinkpillfeminism, and also criticizes the financial objectification of men in mass media.

She is also very critical of females who make fanfics about damaged/broken males, such as the Columbine fanfic writers. She also takes a strong stance against the glorification of male violence in romance in general.

Vlog and personal opinions[edit | edit source]

When she vlogs it is usually about books or general gender politics opinions. She generally vlogs with a horror mask on. She is very lighthearted and pleasant. She has stated in a vlog she is mostly attracted to, paraphrased

overweight and short men



She said in school she went out of her way to date

little mouse, like little mouse men

but it just didn't work out in the end.

In 2020 she took down her vlog without explanation.

Blog[edit | edit source]

She blogs about a variety of topics, for example Romance books, men's issues, gender issues more broadly, Reddit, and writing.

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