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Jump to navigation Jump to search, previously, is a dark purplepill-leaning pacifist and gender-neutral forum and 'welcomes all kind incels and NEETs who want to improve together'. It was created in January 2019 under a different URL named, during technical issues with an incel Facebook group started in March 2018. is the only incel forum using Discourse forum software.

The forum has a relatively high percentage of vloggers and other non-anonymous people in the forum. Yourenotalone also lets people post selfies (in moderation), something now banned on most incel forums.

Prominent Users[edit | edit source]

Moderators Significant users
Tables (admin) Tom Ramsay
Love QuantumCatX
Sans Icecat7

Press[edit | edit source]

Mako interviewed four people from the Facebook Incelistan group, and the extremely long piece was translated for the forum[1]

In 2019,, interviewed a few members of the forum.[2]

Refinery29 mentioned the forum as well[3]

BBC doc[edit | edit source]

BBC three interviewed Matt C. from Facebooks Incelistan but chose screens from[4] The program aired on BBC1.

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