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Kill All Normies was a sociological book written by literary scholar Angela Nagle and published by Zero Books about 4chan and the online culture wars that happened between the election of Barack Obama and the election of Donald Trump.

Chapters Talking about Inceldom[edit | edit source]

In it, Angela described a growing inequality of access to sexual intimacy between 'elite' men who can command female attention on demand, and incels. She described this in a way similar to how Michel Houellebecq described sexual stratification in his 1994 book Whatever. Like authors Houellebecq and Roger Devlin, Nagle saw this increased stratification as partly a result of the decline of monogamy. The book uses the term 'incel' verbatim, and suggests that increased involuntary celibacy in general has fueled a lot of the culture wars and the successes of the right-wing in the United States.

Reaction[edit | edit source]

Many people got very mad about the book "taking seriously" the (true) claims of increased stratification along the lines of sexual access to women. Many ideologues were also mad that the book suggested that inceldom was a cause of right-wing activity in society, rather than right-wing... "spirits" or whatever being a cause of inceldom. The book seems to suggest that decreasing inceldom would be a possible solution to political turmoil, and this made feminists angry. However the book proved influential enough for Nagle to be invited to countless speaking events as well as a few TV appearances talking about culture wars and inceldom.

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