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Logo of the Forum Dei Brutti.

Il Forum Dei Brutti ("The Forum of Ugly"; literally "The Forum Of The Uglies"), is the most notable Italian incelospherian community. All members call themselves ugly and discuss Blackpill, male aesthetics and looksmaxxing.[1] The community has been described as comprised of incels.[2]

History of the forum[edit | edit source]


Forum dei brutti vs Jematria[edit | edit source]

in 2020, a flame war between Forum Dei Brutti and a bluepilled youtuber named "Jematria "started[3][4] Jematria produced a set of videos in which he showcased the most extremist posts from angry celibate users. Even if he was not the first youtuber at exploiting redpill forums to generate views easily, Jematria became targeted by harsh attacks from forum users

Forum dei brutti becomes paid service[edit | edit source]

In 2022 admins of the forum declared that from that moment on, all present users and future users would have to pay a 5€ lifetime subscription fee in order to post on the forum. Forum dei brutti becomes the first premium website of the incelosphere/redpillsphere

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