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Unknown person in the documentary.

The Incel Project is an unreleased, possibly unfinished documentary. It was being made by an unknown person with the email incel57[at], probably an IncelSupport forum member. 13 individual clips were uploaded by the creator to from June 28th 2008 to January 29th 2012. On August 20th 2015, shut down, losing all known footage of the documentary with the exception of two clips that were re-uploaded to DailyMotion on two separate accounts by seemingly random people.

Sociologist Laura Carpenter

Footage[edit | edit source]

No one has found an archived version of the clips on webarchive. Thumbnails exist from webarchive which shows release details of 10 of the 13 clips. The following clips were available on an IncelSupport member in their early 40s, a white male IncelSupport forum member in his late 30s, a black female IncelSupport member in her mid 30s, a white female IncelSupport forum member in her late 30s, Talmer Shockley, 'Two Friends', a white gay man in his late 40s, an asian or hispanic looking male college student, Dr. Gilmartin, a 'Texas Interview', sociologist 'Dr. Carpenter', 'Draft #1', and 'Draft #2'

Laura Carpenter[edit | edit source]

It's not 100% known who, "sociologist Laura Carpenter" was in the doc, but probably the one who wrote Virginity Lost: An Intimate Portrait of First Sexual Experiences [1]. In 2002, she did research on male/female virginity and stigma. The interview with her is 13 minutes long. According to a forum post from someone who saw the clip, they saw it as reasonably interesting even if somewhat disheartening at times. They said she talks about involuntary celibacy leading to more involuntary celibacy since the individual's self esteem is lowered the longer he or she lives with it, and possible partners being turned off by the seeming oddity of an older virgin.

Screens of webarchive[edit | edit source]


Only Viewable Clips as of 2018[edit | edit source]

Only 2 clips are available for viewing, due to random people uploading footage to dailymotion years ago

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