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Name: Ludwig van Beethoven
Date of Birth: c. 17th December 1770 (date of baptism[1])
Occupation: Composer, pianist
Ethnicity: German

Ludwig van Beethoven was an alexie, protocel, escortcel and one of the most notable examples of heightcels and mentalcels in history. Due to his extreme introversion, facial asymmetry and shortness, Beethoven was never able to attract women.

Failures with women[edit | edit source]

According to his boyhood friend Franz Wegeler[2]:

There never was a time when Beethoven was not in love, and that in the highest degree.

—Franz Wegeler

In this period, in his adolescence, as well as in his entire adult life, he would fall in love with females who were simply not available. It is a consistent pattern, to such an extent that you have to wonder if it was a deliberate course of action on his part, as if he was somehow fearful of the commitment it could lead to. But in the early years, this was clearly not the case. He was certainly more than anxious to have an amorous relationship.

He had a 40 year unrequited love from Fräulein von Westerholt, whom Beethoven took on as a pupil.

A local tavern was run by a certain Frau Koch, assisted by her beautiful daughter Babette. Beethoven fell in love with her and was rejected again, writing to Vienna that he was upset about being ghosted by her.

Once a young waitress flirted with Beethoven, and Beethoven reacted with extreme coldness, she continued and Beethoven then punched her in the ear.

He once went to visit Eleonore von Breuning, to have her autograph his book. She in turn friendzoned him with her writing:

Friendship with that which is good Grows like the evening shadows Until the sunshine of life finally sinks.

—Your true friend Eleonore Breuning

Sometime before this friendzone Beethoven attempted to kiss her, which she rejected.

Another rejection from her occurred in her house as he was about to leave for Vienna, one in which he behaved in a way he later regretted. He later wrote in a letter to her:

Although it has been a year since you have heard from me, you have been constantly and most vividly in my thoughts, and very often I have conversed in spirit with you and your dear family, though frequently not as calmly as I should have wished. For whenever I did so I was always reminded of that unfortunate quarrel. My conduct at that time really was quite detestable. But what was done could not be undone. Oh, what I would give to be able to blot out of my life my behaviour at that time, behaviour which did me so little honour, and which was so out of character for me … It is said that the sincerest repentance is only to be found when the criminal himself confesses his crime, and this is what I have wanted to do. So now let us draw a curtain over the whole affair.

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