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Board_Gaming was the most active mod/maintainer of the incel subreddit braincels until she retired from the sub in October 2018. Frequently made fun of for allegedly being overweight and female, board_gaming was a constant source of ridicule by her own subreddit's users.

Anon gets banned by Board Gaming

Hated by her own forum[edit | edit source]

One of the main reasons people pick on her so much, apart from her being female, is that she was not a fan of the previous incel subreddit: /r/incels, that got banned. And she became the de facto leader of the next largest incels subreddit. She also was a poster in the anti-incel subreddit inceltears. This, among other things, drove many of the old /r/incels users who would have otherwise populated braincels to

Liked by the dead creator of Braincels[edit | edit source]

She was chosen by the creator of /r/braincels: AnathematicAnarchist (RIP) because, she was, according to AnathematicAnarchist, "one of only a handful of active users (again, at the time) who didn't strike me as completely fucking insane, so I sent her an invitation. Evidently my instincts were proven correct, because she has been, without a doubt, the best mod in this entire subreddit's history, including myself."

Retirement from Braincels[edit | edit source]

In October 2018, Board Gaming retired from Braincels, shortly after Braincels got quarantined for misogyny. After Board Gaming retired, Braincels became more ban-heavy.

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