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Name: Matt
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: Actor and ?
Ethnicity: part-Jewish?

Matt is a member of and Facebook's Incelistan. During 2018/2019 he was a high-functioning incel. He goes by Matt in both groups but his latest handle on is 'bardotrappin'.

Public life[edit | edit source]

Matt is an actor and according to a public statement by him, thinks he has autistic traits. He believes the 6-month-plus-without-sex metric on this wiki and in the Donnelly Study made him an incel in 2018/2019. He's also a nice guy.

Documentary[edit | edit source]

He was one of three incels featured in a BBC three documentary. There is approximately twenty minutes of footage of him. He spoke of inceldom being 'normal', the 80/20 rule in online dating, and inceldom being a life circumstance instead of a movement. Some of his lines seemed fed by the producers of the doc. Or at the very least it seems he was manipulated to say certain things, as he contradicts himself in the second half of the doc in highly edited segments. When asked if he was pretending to be an incel for the doc, he said he was not. He is very active on incel forums, but his actor training may have helped overcome anxiety to be in the doc.

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