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‎, also known as is a non-violent incel forum created by William in January 2019, after leftbook began fucking with Facebook's Incelistan yet again. Facebook's Incelistan had existed since 2017, but has been shut down and messed with a few times. This external forum markets itself as an LGBTQ forum, but it is really just for any gender identity including straights.

Prominent Events[edit]

In 2019 IMthegirlfriendnow announces her transition to female to help get dates with women easier, and makes a dedicated thread for it.[1]

Mako, Israels largest newspaper interviewed four people from the Facebook Incelistan group, and the extremely long piece was translated for the forum[2]

In 2019,, the largest LGBTQ site interviewed a few members of the forum.[3]


Prominent Users[edit]




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