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‎, is a purplepill-leaning pacifist and gender-neutral incel forum created by William in January 2019, during technical issues with Facebook's Incelistan. Facebook's Incelistan still exists and has existed since 2017, but has been shut down and messed with a few times. is the only incel forum using Discourse forum software.

The forum has a relatively high percentage of vloggers and other non-anonymous people in the forum. Incelistan also lets people post selfies, something now banned on most incel forums.

Prominent Events[edit | edit source]


In 2019 IMthegirlfriendnow announces her transition to female to help get dates with women easier, and makes a dedicated thread for it.[1]

Prominent Users[edit | edit source]

Moderators Significant users
William (admin) Tom Ramsay
Nicholas Chowdburry QuantumCatX
nazbol Icecat7
Sans Clem

Press[edit | edit source]

Mako interviewed four people from the Facebook Incelistan group, and the extremely long piece was translated for the forum[2]

In 2019,, interviewed a few members of the forum.[3]

Refinery29 mentioned the forum as well[4]

BBC doc[edit | edit source]

BBC three interviewed Matt C. from Facebooks Incelistan but chose screens from[5] The program aired on BBC1.

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