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Jump to navigation Jump to search, previously, was a dark purplepill-leaning pacifist and gender-neutral forum which 'welcomes all kind incels and NEETs who want to improve together'. It was created in January 2019 under a different URL named, during technical issues with an incel Facebook group which had started in March 2018. is the only incel forum using Discourse forum software. As of 2022, the forum is defunct and no longer exists after it was closed down by its administration.

The forum has a relatively high percentage of vloggers and other non-anonymous people. Yourenotalone also lets people post selfies (in moderation), something now banned on most incel forums.

Clarification[edit | edit source]

The forum has occasionally enlisted the help of a criminal investigator to keep terroristcels off the board. Quite vocal trolls have misconstrued this as "yourenotalone is FBI", which is inaccurate. While the forum keeps off illegal activity, the forum is also pro-incel, to the extent incel still just means 'involuntary celibacy'.

Prominent Users[edit | edit source]

Moderators Significant users
Tables (admin) Tom Ramsay
Love QuantumCatX
Sans Icecat7

Press[edit | edit source]

Mako interviewed four people from the Facebook Incelistan group, and the long piece was translated for the forum.[1]

In 2019,, interviewed a few members of the forum.[2]

Refinery29 mentioned the forum as well.[3]

BBC Documentary[edit | edit source]

BBC three interviewed Matt C. from Facebooks Incelistan but chose screens from[4] The program aired on BBC1.

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