Cousincest or nothing

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Cousincest or nothing is a lesser of two evils dilemma that is faced by many ethnicels from the Greater Middle East. These people are too low SMV, decile scale and LMS to have any success at cold approach or warm approach; their family notices and decide to book an arranged marriage.

These arranged marriages usually consist of cousin-hookups, in others words cousincest. This situation gets worse for ethnicels raised in western countries since the taboo against cousincest is greater there. In other words, the bulk of horncels, arabcels, persocels and turkcels in the west have the choice of the fire or the frying pan. So ethnicels are damned if they do, and damned if they don't.

Portmanteaus[edit | edit source]

Monosyllabic ways of saying "female cousin":

  • diece: dad's niece
  • fiece: father's niece
  • miece: mom's niece
  • piece: parent's niece

Bisyllabic ways:

  • cousine (this is French)
  • fousin = female cousin
  • gousin = girl cousin
  • wousin = woman cousin

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