Wheat Waffles Face Rating

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There are 53 traits noted by Wheat Waffles for Facecels[1]

Trait Importance
Hyoid Skin 5 No double-chin or fat
Straightness of Mandible 5
Facial Leanness 5 Lack of Face and Chin Fat
No Blemishes/Acne 5
Almond Eye Shape 5 Bulges
Minimal Upper Eyelid Exposure 5
Neutral/Positive Canthil Tilt 5 Sad or outward eye corners
Full Head of Hair 5 Lack of Temple Recession (M-shaped Hair Loss) or Vertex Balding (Bald Crown)
Straight White Teeth 5 Dentist Reccommendations (No Stains, No Yellowing, No Misalignment, No Gum Issues)
Equal thirds of facial width 5 Jaw width in relation to Midface Width (between eyes and nose)
Face Height:Width 4 Midface Width in relation to jaw-to-eye height of 1:1
Wholesome and Thick Hair 4 Hair Thickness and Hair Density
Hair colour 4 Lack of Discoloration towards Grey-White (Decreased Saturation and Increased Lightness in HSL jargon)
Forward growth 4 Distance between Face Plane and Mandible Tip
Parallelity of Mandible 4 Angle between Mandible and Lip-Gonian Plane
Chin:Philtrum 4 Chin to space between lip and nose 2.5:1
Eye Height:Width 4 Ratio of 1:3
Eye-Spacing 4 Eye width to Eye corner distance as 1:1
Deep-set Eyes 4 Another Bulge
Compact Eye Orbits 4
Compact Midface 4 Pupil Distance vs Pupil to Upper Lip height 1:1
High Cheekbones 4
Neutral/Positive Tilt 4 Sad or outward brow
No Wrinkles 4 Forehead, Crow's Feet, Nasolabial Folds
Thick Neck 4 Midface width to Neck width 4:5
Face:Cranium Ratio 4 Splancho Cranium and Neuro Cranium area of 1:1
Straight Occipital Bone 3 Skull-Neck Straightness
Ears 3 Larger Size, Unwrinkled Shape and Lack of Dumbo
No Eyebags 3 AKA "Racoon Eyes"
Light Tan 3 Balance between Pale and Orange
Rough Skin Texture 3 Lack of skin sensitivity and Redness (Chads should be leather-like, E-Boys should be smoother)
Full Lips 3 Rosey, Thick and Balanced
Small Eye-Eyebrow distance 3
Chin Projection 3 Teeth recess contra Mandible outwardness
Goniun Depth 3
Dark/Thick Eyebrows 3
Flattened Brow Curve 3 Less Curvature (Flat is good)
'Dove-tailing' Cheekbones 3 Straight Cheekbones (Hollow for E-Boys)
Gonial angle 3 ideally 110 degrees
Forward Maxilla 3
Ramus Length 3
No Scleral Show 3 Iris Fitting Inside Eyelids
White Sclera 3 High Whiteness, No Bloodshot
Eye Colour 2
Thirds of Jaw 2 Midface Width to Chin Width 3:1
Nose angle 2 Nasolabial Angle 105 degrees (Hook nose less bad than Snout)
Nose size 2 Midface Width to Nose Widest Points 4:1
Straightness of Nose 2 (Hawk Nose less bad than Ski Slope Nose)
Downward Pointing Medial Canthus 2 Downward Tear Duct
Prominent Brow Ridge 2 Side photos
Forehead Height:Width 2 Forehard Width in relation to forehead height of 2:1
Nose angle (Steepness) 1 35 degrees from face plane
Nose Height:Width ratio 1 Node Widest Points vs Nose bottom to between eyes 2:3