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Spermawka - sekcja spierdoxów' (translated as "Spermawka - Loser Group"), is the largest Polish incel forum, and the second major incel group on Facebook. It has either gone secret or private as of mid-2020.

It was created on June 9th 2019. They have over 1000 members as of late 2019 and are very active. The forum used to allow women, but banned all non-femcel women after noncel women in the group made fun of the men in the group. The rest was banned either way sometime in 2019. Cancerous, becouse some of those people are posting under they true face, name, surname and facebook account, they expose themselves to serious troubles.

Leadership[edit | edit source]

The leader of the group, "Tom" also leads a smaller incel Facebook group that does not include femcels called "Incel Polska ( bez loch i CUCKów )" (translation: "Polish Incel ( without foids and cucks )").

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  • Spermawka (defunct link, group may be private/secret now, or changed URL, but it still exists we are 95% sure)
  • Incel Polska (half dead)

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