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Jesse and his fans tend to use anti-male and victim-blaming language

Jesse Lee Peterson is a black, boomer, neoliberal, evangelical Christian, alt-right Youtuber known for coddling white nationalists for clicks, and having a very masculinist, and "muh bootstraps" point of view. In 2018, he interviewed BrendioEEE for his youtube channel, "The Fallen State".

Most of his work is the video equivalent of boomer posting. He is known for saying "AMAZIN", instead of engaging with his guests, appealing to his interpretation of Christianity, and ridiculing his guests instead of actually arguing with them.

He is usually very harsh toward feminine and unemployed men, in a bullying way that suggests he is anti-male. Most of his fans aren't particularly masculine or employed, which is a bit weird given how he treats such people.

He is self-admitted "low-IQ".

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