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Positive Reinforcement is the process of encouraging or establishing a pattern of behaviour by offering reward when the behaviour is exhibited.[1]

It's the opposite of negative reinforcement.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • When you're tall growing up male, positive attributes (e.g being dominant, competent, persuasive, better leader) are connotated with your height. You therefore then also tend to behave accordingly as desired (especially by the opposite-sex heterosexuals).
  • When you're conventionally attractive through out your life, positive attributes (e.g being intelligent, confident, empathetic, kind, sincere...), are connotated with you as an individual. You therefore tend to be seen this way, resulting in oblivion for those not having similar life circumstances/experiences, opportunities and social status.
  • When you're female growing up, positive attributes (e.g being kind, patient, forgiving, compassioned, generous...), are connotated with you. With getting treated well by society through institutional preferential treatment (e.g affirmative action, women-are-wonderful effect, no compulsory conscription in most countries etc...), not knowing how cruel society can truly be, an empathy gap for the unfortunate tends to be a common consequence.

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