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Incelcore is a vaguely defined music genre, which is often defined by the theme of its songs or the identity of its artists. Often, songs classified as incelcore are those considered as being about inceldom-related themes or topics, or made by artists who self-identify as incels or are considered as being on the inceldom spectrum. Another definition of incelcore is: "A new musical genre, that is not defined by the sound but by the lyrics. The lyrics focused on the struggle and the suffering of a modern male. It can sound like anything you want it to sound; there are no boundaries. The lyrics are mainly focused on females that acts like a whores [sic], drugs, internet culture, school shootings etc..."[1]

Both definitions are extremely nebulous and can therefore encompass much mainstream music, where the angst surrounding romantic relationships and loneliness are common themes. Therefore, it is quite difficult to define exactly what separates incelcore from mainstream musics exploring the same themes and using the same lyrical tone, or even to know if a separation exists at all.

Incelcore can largely be considered an outshoot of 4chan imageboard culture and internet counter-culture in general.

The genre's original song was first recorded in 1974/75, Henry Flynt & Nova'Billy's "I Was a Creep", but was only released publicly in 2007,

Themes that are often found in incelcore music are: complaining about not finding a partner, being ugly or subhuman, today's women being for the most part sluts or promiscuous or both, being a wageslave, being or having been bullied, male disposability, romantic rejection, angst, adverse effects of inceldom, antifeminism, being "anti-SJW", blackpill points, and mental illness.

List of incelcore artists[edit | edit source]

  • Chris Chan (mostly under the name Christian & the Hedgehog Boys)
  • Eggman, under the pseudonym Egg White
  • Negative XP (also called School Shooter, or CØØL ϟCØØTΣR, or ϟCHØØL ϟHØØTΣR, or ϟHØØTΣR )
  • Hard Christ
  • Belowground
  • Bad Takes Only
  • Fedze
  • Fried by Fluoride
  • Gezebelle Gaburgably
  • NEET
  • h4rtbrkr
  • James Sapphire
  • UhOhSlater
  • Neckbeard Deathcamp
  • XO_Willow
  • Mainländer
  • Rejected-From-Eve .Zero
  • losergirlfriend
  • deadgvrl
  • npobu
  • aj333
  • r4cket

Some normies have claimed the band Weezer was almost incelcore or "nice guy".

Criticism[edit | edit source]

It can be argued that incelcore is very normie, as it is the product of edgelords stealing or appropriating incel, geek or nerd culture and making it into something cool.

The genre can also be criticized, due to the fact it can be argued that its artists are for the most part some noncel posers who want to look like they are going against the current culture by using shocking lyrics or themes.

Many incel core artists (especially those whose music takes great influence from typical punk rock) can be argued to not be "real punk" due to the creators often following, conservative, reactionary, or pro-establishment messages. It is greatly debated for example if Negative XP would qualify as "punk" due to his historical contreversies and at times conservative leanings as well as his appeals to said communities like the Alt-Right

Difference with faux depression songs[edit | edit source]

Fake depression and mainstream "I am a lonely person" songs cannot be considered as incelcore, as the ambiance and spirit of those songs, or the identity of their artists, are only for posing. For example, "Lonely" by Akon or "I Wish" by Skee-Lo cannot be considered as incelcore.

Here is an example to show how vague the genre is. It can also be argued that "Forever Alone" by Grand Finale feat. Alex Theesfield is not incelcore. This is because the song is only about the meme Forever Alone and nothing else; therefore the song is not the product of real loneliness and rejection. However, some still consider this song to be incelcore due to its theme and lyrics.

Examples of lyrics[edit | edit source]

Tell me why
I'm stuck as a virgin with rage!
Tell me why
I so need a cute girl my age!
Tell me why
I never wanna hear you say
"I have a boyfriend!"

— "So Need a Cute Girl" by Christian & the Hedgehog Boys, arguably the first incelcore song

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