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Fat Joe is an American rapper from New York, but he's also a cacophobe. In an interview with djvlad, released on 31 August 2018, he compared being ugly to being evil. This sentiment by Fat Joe is a perfect illustration of Failo effect and lookism in action. In the interview Joe, while pointing at his own face in a gesture at facial aesthetics, said: ""killing people for no reason, these guys are just monsters ... you know, most of them are ugly too. They're not handsome. I'm telling you, the ones that kill for no reason, it's just ugly motherfuckers."[1]

This statement is a perfect illustration of how cacophobia has infiltrated modern society. Joe would never get away with making hateful remarks about LGBT people. He would never get away with hateful remarks about certain races or about women. But remarks about ugly people. That's totally fine.

The lack of backlash against Fat Joe demonstrates that ugly folks in the 2010s are the equivalent to what Jews were in the 1930s.

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