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A former incel is someone who has ascended from inceldom, or has decided to no longer regard himself as an incel but rather as a volcel. Such people, when highly publicized, are usually regarded in the incelosphere as cynical publicity whores trying to use the incel phenomenon for personal gain (as a way of obtaining status, attention, money, pussy, etc.), or as delusional cucks who refuse to acknowledge the truth of their situation.

Often, articles about "former incels" do not contain any assertion that the person has actually obtained sex. For example, a Mel Magazine article notes, "Commenter Outrageous_Claims explains how taking a long, hard look at his life helped him blossom from an incel to a solid dude" but does not say that this solid dude has been romantically or sexually successful.[1]

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • "James", 31, was featured in a BBC article, "'I used to be an incel'"[2] and in the BBC Three documentary Inside The Secret World Of Incels.[3]
  • Jeff Scott, 20, was featured in the Gothamist article, "A Former 'Incel' Discusses The Toxic Online Forum That May Have Inspired Toronto Van Massacre".[4]

References[edit | edit source]