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Contrapoints is a popular MtF trans woman vlogger and 'champagne' socialist whose main claim to fame is comparing the plight of incels with that of transsexualism. She also expressed sympathy for incels, saying that incels have an understandably bad experience on online dating and urged people to sympathize with that. Her video got 3+ million views.

Her vlog[edit | edit source]

She called the blackpill a dogmatic philosophy of unhealthy catastrophizing and notably compared blackpilled incel forums to death cults, with an eternal hell and an omnipotent enemy. She pointed out rampant 'suicifuel/ropefuel', and LDAR encouragement posts, for example. She also urged all incels to leave all incel forums. She also gave a rundown of the differences between the redpill and the blackpill.

Jordan Peterson..ism[edit | edit source]

She also expressed explicit admiration for Jordan Peterson's 'muh bootstraps' advice to incels. Which is basically blaming incels for their predicament and telling them to 'man-up'.

She otherwise does not like Jordan Peterson and made a video making fun of Jordan for trying to conflate Marxism with postmodernism since both were rival academic camps with mostly opposite ideologies (grand narrative vs. rejection of grand narratives).

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