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Marxism Rodgerism is a leftist political ideology. A subset of Sexual Marxism, marxist rodgerists oppose Neoliberalism and believe in redistribution of sex or means of reproduction.

Manifesto[edit | edit source]

Marxism-Rodgerism manifesto[edit | edit source]

It may seem difficult to understand the realities of the blackpill. It may be hard to come to terms with how - and why - the world functions as it does. And even when you do, it is even harder to understand where to go next.

But there is one set of techniques which shines a clear light on the world we live in. A scientific and logical analysis of systems of limited resources - Marxism. When we undertake a Marxist analysis of the sexual economy, we immediately find its nuances explained and its realities presented for all to see.

The fundamental element of inequality is exploitation. In economic Marxism, exploitation occurs when a capitalist takes most of the value a worker's labor creates, leaving them barely enough to survive. In other words, the worker's surplus value is stolen from them. This is how capitalists make profits. Sometimes, the capitalists let some segments of workers keep more of their value, in order to bribe and pacify them.

In the sexual economy, there are two distinct classes of men - Chads...and everyone else. There is a group which keeps most women for itself - the Chad-Bourgeois - and a much larger group which, despite being responsible for maintaining global civilization with their labor so that Chad is free to take all he wants, is denied most women. These are the sexual proletariat.

The sexuality of women should be evenly spread among society, but it is not. Instead, it is commodified by sexual capitalism and given to Chad. The Chad-Bourgeoisie allow the sexual proletariat to have just as much pussy as they need to keep the human race alive through reproduction. But even here is it not fair; the proletariat get Chad's leftovers - only when the Chad-Bourgeois no longer want a woman does she go to settle down, marry, and reproduce with a non-Chad.

Now, I mentioned before that the economic bourgeois sometimes bribe workers by giving them more than they would otherwise. In the modern era, the Chad-Bourgeois are facing a world where the proletariat is no longer consigned to the feudal life of arranged marriages without any questions asked, and can see the reality of sexual inequality via media and their own insights. The Chad-Bourgeois responds by bribing the sexual proletariat - they, too, are now allowed to have sex before marriage, and perhaps fuck many women. These women are, of course, still the ones Chad doesn't want, but it bribes most of the world. Remember, this happened when the sexual free market, where women can now choose their partners without having to marry a non-Chad in the end, replaced the Feudal system of arranged marriage. This is sexual capitalism.

The people so bribed are normies. This is the main reason why normies are blind to the sexual capitalist system and lack revolutionary potential.

But the system is imperfect. Due to the female's nature, not all members of the proletariat can be bribed just by the Chad-Bourgeois allowing (pseudo) free sex for everyone. A group at the bottom is inevitability left out - incels.

As sexual feudalism shifted to sexual capitalism, a contradiction was exposed - the Contradiction of Sexual Capitalism is the existence of incels, and the conclusion of the capitalist stage of history must be the resolving of this contradiction. Due to how females are hardwired to be only attracted to Chads, incels always lose in a sexual free market. Many females would rather be single than marry an incel, and a result the incels become a class which doesn't even get marriage, much less any additional bribes. Due to their extreme condition, the incels become "blackpilled" and see the system as it is. The incels thus attain class consciousness.

The basic structure of the sexual world is that the Chad-Bourgeois take all the pussy they can, especially the desirable kind, while eventually passing their leftovers to the sexual proletariat as bribes and allowances. Among the latter group, those are who successfully bribed are normies, and those who become class conscious are incels.

So how do the Chad-Bourgeois manage to keep society under their control, even with incels attain class consciousness? In Marxism, the answer is the Base and superstructure. In a sexual capitalist society, all we know is shaped by the system of sexual economy we live in. Our culture, beliefs, and so on are bent to conform to and reinforce the Chad-Bourgeois narrative. In order to prevent the sexual proletariat from attaining class consciousness, the Chad-Bourgouse use culture to create a false consciousness for them to live in instead.

The key to understanding this is to understand that truth is relative to one's class. Comrade Lenin explained this with his concept of partiinost, party truth. What is "true" depends on your class, truth for one class may be falsehood for another. Thus, what class's "truth" you're listening to is very important.

For example, let's take the Chad-Bourgeois idea of "confidence." Confidence is an intentionally vague idea to explain Chad's sexual success as anything besides winning the genetic lottery. It is said that someone - anyone - with "confidence" can also live like Chad does. For the Chad-Bourgoise, this is true. All a Chad has to do is be willing step outside or set up an online dating profile and they will get all the pussy they want. However, for the rest of the world, this is not the case. By enforcing the idea of confidence instead of genetic luck, Chad yet again bribes the sexual proletariat - bribes them with hope. The idea of confidence explains structural inequality as personal failure - in the same way the capitalist tells the exploited worker that he, too, would be rich if he only worked harder, so does the Chad tell the sexual proletariat that they could have sex if they were only just a little more confident. In this way, the sexual proletariat are blamed for their own oppression - their celibacy is a result of their own moral failings, because they were not "confident" enough. The Chad-Bourgeois present themselves as having earned the pussy they inherent, while the rest of the world deserves to live without. Confidence is just one example of how sexual capitalism distorts culture and creates false narratives to keep people blind.

Normies love false narratives because they are bribed. A normie, who may have even had sex, believes that his success in the past means the confidence narrative and so on is true - he can truly be a Chad, if he works hard enough! Thus the normies convince themselves Chad's world is not only fair but desirable, because they too might have a chance of being chad.

Normies are deceived to varying degrees.

A regular normie has had their bribe a few times and doesn't bother to think about the realities of exploitation and the sexual economy. These normies can be blackpilled with evidence, but most of them just double down on the false consciousness due to their hope that they can be a Chad.

A beta is a normie who is faced with the reality of sexual inequality. He may be an orbiter, hanging around women in the hope he'll get sex. He may be a nice guy, who is nice to women for the same reason. He may be cucked, whereby he shares a single woman with other men so that he can at least get laid. Though he may deny it, he is painfully aware of these material and sexual realities.

A white knight has come against a blackpill before, and it scared them. They swing the other way - they actively try and spread Chad's narrative and enforce it, because they are trying convince themselves. There is great overlap between white knights and Betas, as the latter often exhibit white knight behavior. Many Betas turn into white knights when confronted with the black pill.

All normies have one thing in common - they do not want to accept the reality of the blackpill because they want to continue to believe they can be Chad. Another element is that they enjoy Chad's narrative when it suits them - regarding incels. They don't like to remember that Chad is sexually more successful then them because he is just better....but that's not so bad if it means that they are better than incels in turn, since they at least "earned" some sex and incels could not! In economic capitalism, the reality of economic status defined by class is ignored in favor of an individualist, democratic narrative, and sexual capitalism works the same way. The realities of incels and the Chad-Bourgeois are overlooked in favor of the lie that it's all about individual action, that any individual can work his way to the top of the sexual marketplace through hard work and imaginary concepts like "confidence."

By the methods described above, the Chad-Bourgeois extract all of the surplus value - in this context, surplus pussy - from the workers/sexual proletariat for themselves, and maintain the system through bribing normies and creating false consciousness. But here's where it gets really interesting - the immortal science of historical materialism explains even more than this.

Everyone knows that even among Chads there is a hierarchy - a racial hierarchy, with white Chad at the top. In the 1960s, Comrade Mao Zedong developed Marxist-Leninist-Maoism to explain the differences between the first world and the third world. Maoism reveals the first world exploits the third world through imperialism, and sets up a global class hierarchy of sorts. This economic hierarchy in turn ties into a sexual hierarchy - one where the imperialist white Chads are above the colonized Chads. A critique of imperialism explains the racial Chad hierarchy - which, of course, filters down into the sexual proletariat as well.

Following this trend, we can see the close interconnection between looks (Chad privilege) and economic success. Females like money and power...and it seems Chad ends up with those as well.

We all know that studies have proven Chads are much more likely to succeed in economic sphere. They are given quality jobs and often end up in very social, very prestigious positions like executive officers. But this shows us that wealth comes second. Poor Chads still dominate the sexual proletariat, and their poverty, on average, never lasts long. In other words, sexual inequality comes before economic inequality, and due to how intertwined they are, it means that economic inequality is a consequence of sexual inequality due to society's constant preference for Chad. Sexual inequality predates economic capitalism, feudalism, even primitive tribalism - sexual inequality is the original and eternal form of hierarchy, it is harbinger of all other inequalities in other areas.

Thus, the Revolutionary and Immortal Science of Marxist-Rodgerism is born. We see that the fundamental conflict is between the well endowed Chad-Bourgeoisie and the sexual proletariat, and that all other conflicts ultimately derive from this great inequality. We see that the Chad-Bourgeois manipulates culture and society to further its narratives and worldview to maintain this power structure. Finally, we must conclude that the only way forward for humanity is to dismantle the system of sexual capitalism so that sex can be distributed fairly to all members of society.

Incels of the world, rise up! You have nothing to lose but your chains![1]

Fixing The Nation[edit | edit source]

The first step in an incel revolution is to move people from the cities to the countryside to work on ricefields, we will use this time to make people focus on more important stuff than sex, like the redistribution of food among the citizenry. Due to the Urbanites/Chads being addicted to sex, we will take them to prison camps and force them to work to death, there will be 20 loyal and specially trained incel soldiers guarding each camp incase the Chads plot to rebel. We will burn books and libraries due to them being filled with anti incel propaganda and for spreading a globohomo Neoliberal agenda, money will be banned and the central bank will be bombed anybody caught with money will be executed. Movies pushing the Hollywood Liberal agenda will thereby be banned by the government.

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