Marry Your Looksmatch Young For The Kids

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Marry Your Looksmatch Young For The Kids is a song by user Mainlander.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

It's hard to believe Women were made sexually free

Dysfunction is growing

Birth rates are falling

It makes no sense at all

While I felt so detached chad was deflowering my looksmatch

What will it take for cucks to send them back to kitchen, can we end this mess?

So here's retribution day

When you tried to get chad to commit in vain it was futile

So when your womb is dry will you remember this plight

All our prime years lost

It's not right

Feminist shit hurts my ears

Been ruining society for years

Rather than make some babies they want to be men

It makes no sense at all

I see them everyday

I can do my part, why can't they?

If this is what they want and is the correct thing, then why is all going astray?


Song[edit | edit source]

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