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Name: Nathan Daniel Larson
Date of Birth: 19th September 1980
Occupation: Politician
Ethnicity: White

Nathan Daniel Larson aka Leucosticte, Josef Fritzl, Yazan Soltani, LeFringillidaeDeLaMontagne, is a politician and forum creator. He created/managed many websites including a suicide wiki (unrelated to the current one), a forum for suicidal pedophiles, a forum for nearcels, a zoophilia forum, and multiple parthenophilia forums.

His first major network of websites was taken down by "Anonymous" (thought to be antifa) through a home burglary. His second major network of websites were shut down in November 2019.

In late 2020, Larson was arrested due to attempted kidnapping.[1]

Political Views[edit | edit source]

Nathan appears to be a radical libertarian with sympathies for Nazism. Political views of Nathan include but are not limited to Austrian economics, the legalization of child pornography, free trade, and legal euthanasia.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Medication[edit | edit source]

When Nathan was 16, a psychiatrist prescribed him the anti-depressant Paxil. SSRIs like Paxil are not recommended for use in adolescents, due to an increase in aggression and suicidality, according to an academic article by Nevels and Gontkovsky.[2] The FDA also specifically recommends against Paxil in adolescents.[3]

Nathan describes the Paxil made him behave erratically, including resulting in 4 misdemeanors.

Two Wives[edit | edit source]

According to J. Adrian Stanley of CS Indy in 2015 he had a daughter with a woman he was married to (original name unknown) who became a transman named Finn before becoming an hero.

Twitter user Jodylove gigiflacko thought Finn's "birth name" was Augustine Larson but that's unlikely unless Nathan coincidentally was born with the same surname. CS Indy confirms this was "legal name at time of death" with a different birth name. Possibly Emily Misciagna according to a Colorado Springs obituary posted by Jim Misciagna and Robin Misciagna.

He apparently got married a second time according to Jesselyn Cook of Huffington Post in 2018. This appears to be to "Meshelle Larson" according to a March 2017 article by Nia Prayer of Roll Call.

In a June 2020 thread on (moved to ForcedBanana in August) he referred to Meshelle as "my ex" when talking about her still using his surname with David Snyder. The articles on TheBump and AmazingRegistry are no longer up.

Second Felony Arrest[edit | edit source]

In December 2020, Larson was arrested in Denver, Colorado after a cross-agency investigation allegedly found evidence that he was digitally grooming and attempting to transport a 12 year old girl across state lines with the ultimate view of engaging in sexual intercourse with the girl in question.[4] He faces several felony charges in the state of California, including kidnapping, child abduction, soliciting child pornography from a minor, and meeting a minor with the intention of sex, with officials in Fresno county currently seeking to extradite him to Fresno county to face those felony charges as of late December, 2020.[5]

Mediawiki[edit | edit source]

Nathan is a prolific creator/editor of projects using the open-source Mediawiki software.

Alt Accounts[edit | edit source]

Nathan likes to create alt accounts after he gets banned from mediawiki projects, and comes up with funny names in the process.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

He has been interviewed for WUSA9, PodAwfulTV, and has been the subject of many mainstream news articles.

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Other usernames[edit | edit source]

Some have pushed theories that Nathan Larson operates other accounts besides Leucosticte:

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