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Kiwi Farms is a forum comprised of self-loathing NEETs who create threads doxxing, gravedancing, and mocking high-profile NEETs, except Kyle Incel for some reason. The forum's philosophy is generally neoliberal with regards to incelibacy, unemployment etc... It was initially created to bully and document a notable 'virgin with rage': Chris-chan.

Kiwi farms users often infiltrate semi-private incel forums to take screencaps which they then post. In contrast to r/IncelTears, though, they do not tell their users to send woman-hating speech to law enforcement worldwide and they don't try to get incel sites shut down, preferring to bully people they find amusing enough so that they stay in the public sphere, but not so much that they go away altogether.

Arguably, some content on Kiwi Farms is useful to good guys, especially if they are tracking people with predisposition for crime, stalking, etc. This can help people prevent themselves from being stalked by the stalkers the stalkers on kiwifarms stalk.

As of August 2018, their thread on r/Incels and its successor communities was several hundred pages long.

The forum, as of 2018, does not encourage or allow A-logging.

Forum Makeup[edit | edit source]

The site was founded and for most of it's life ran by a NEET, yet most of it's targets are unemployed NEETs, resulting in NEET-on-NEET conflict. A lot of welfare recipients and poor people have a strong dislike of other poor people, perhaps explaining the phenomena of kiwifarms.

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