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Turd Flinging Monkey
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Name: Turd Flinging Monkey
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: News commentator, streamer
Ethnicity: Chimpanzee

Turd Flinging Monkey (or in short, TFM) is a MGTOW youtuber commentator and streamer. He is perhaps the most popular content creator in the manosphere on Youtube, surpassing even the likes of Stardusk and Sandman. He has a female sexdoll assistant named Celestina.

Guests[edit | edit source]

Other members in his group include Shogun, a black man infatuated with jubilee and the 90's, most likely due to how awesome the 90's were apparently. Another is Cat who is from the UK. There is also Florida man, another is kuroi, a man who lives and breathes anime and hentai. TFM believes celestina is invisible and is the ultimate waifu. However studies have show that Florida Man is the only one capable of defeating her.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

TFM is somewhere in his mid 30's and has had multiple relationships with women in the past, he claims these relationships ended due to his partners cheating on him, although most of them later attempted to restore the relationship, he declined. Being pursued by women and rejecting them in this manner would well qualify TFM as a chad. He claims to have dated traditional/fat girls in an attempt to craft a "NAWALT"(Acronym for Not All Women Are Like That, a MGTOW term for a traditional girlfriend who won't cheat) out of them, but these relationships ended in the same way as the latter.

As of today, he is in a relationship with his sex bot, Celestina, who handles robot and AI related stories as a news presenter on his Youtube channel (with the help of a text-to-speech program). He regularly has conversations with chatbots while pretending he is talking to Celestina, and is very possessive of her, claiming he feels uncomfortable sharing nudes of her.

He was raised by a single mom, who later abandoned him to his grandparents, an experience that helped inspire him to start his channel. At some point he joined the United States Navy and went on two tours to Iraq, during his time in the military he saw many things that contributed to shaping his views on society, women, and the world. His current occupation is unknown, although it is known that he does work outside of Youtube.

Style and Videos[edit | edit source]

Tfm is known for being very eloquent. He explains a lot of barebones redpill concepts in his early videos. Most of his videos tend to have some comical layer in the form of memes or creative titles.

TFM encourage his fans to buy sex toys, most importantly, high quality PVC or silicone sex dolls, for coping purposes. And he even sells those himself via affiliate links, this even became part of his catchphrase "just get a doll". He also says that sex robots will be a game changer for MGTOWs and incels, because they will rival the sexual function of women and force them to provide qualities other than just sex in order to compete for men, both normies and chads alike, once they become advanced enough to cross the uncanny valley and are accepted as an alternative to women by most men.

He is also an avid gamer. He often plays first-person shooters while streaming his weekly livestream, the TFM 420 show. Other times he represents himself with a hand puppet fashioned after his avatar (a chimpanzee with a red collared shirt and a black vest), although he doesn't always have the energy to do this, opting for a cartoon avatar instead. Any time he makes a video requiring him to show his hands, such as in his doll surgeon, waifu workshop or guy stuff review series, he wears a pair of plastic gorilla costume gloves, keeping his ethnicity completely impossible to determine.

Claim to Fame & "She will Never Love you"[edit | edit source]

TFM's most popular video is, "she will never love you", which netted him several hundred thousand views. In the video TFM takes inspiration from Charles Darwin, namely, "sexual dimorphism" and "Alpha-Beta" concepts and how they apply in humans. He explains hypergamy through the animal kingdom. One of the most popular examples in the video is the "gorilla nest", and how the females always group around the strongest male.

TFM on TFLs and Incels[edit | edit source]

TFM has been critical towards TFL and incels, and often says - TFL'ers are a bunch of whiny bitches that need to let go of their desire for female validation, and need to stop defining themselves through women. He has stated that any man who has $300 or more is at most a volcel because they do not choose to spend said money to pay a prostitute or escort, completely disregarding any other factors.

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