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William Greathouse
Name: William Greathouse
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: ?
Ethnicity: white

William Greathouse, also known as bill1224601, is the founder of the TFL movement and officially coined the term "True Forced Loneliness". He still vlogs. For the virtual founder of incel vlogging on Youtube, he gets extremely small amounts of viewership, often just 100-200 views per video.

Personal Life & vlogs[edit]

Not much to know about Bill, as his vlogs are pretty boring. He was the first incel vlogger and is a conspiracy theorist. He mostly liked to criticize other youtubers for their opinions. He's mostly famous for attacking Sensual Heretic on one of his vlogs.

Vlog Locations[edit]

The largest collection of William's early vids on Youtube are here: [1]

For a while he moved to dailymotion, here: [2]

His main channel as of late 2018 is called TFL at War and is here

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