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Protest of male genital mutilation

Mantactivism or intactivism is a subset of MRA (men's rights activists) who believe in genital integrity for men and boys. The term "mantactivism" is a blend of the words man and intactivism. Notable mantactivists include Marilyn Milos.

List of complaints about male genital mutilation[edit | edit source]

Mantactivists who protest against circumfetishism claim to have several gripes against the practise of male circumcision. Some of these include:

  • the fact that it is typically nontherapeutic
  • possible Circumcision-induced DGS
  • the fact that if done to young boys, it is typically nonconsensual
  • Many circumcisionists aren't trained (or at least are unwilling) to differentiate between long foreskins and short foreskins and routinely circumcize them the same instead of the more apt act of compartmentalization.
  • the fact that the foreskin serves as a natural lubrication, serving to ease penetration through minimized friction due to movable skin.
    • (by extension) the fact that pro-circers do not compensate for this loss through an education campaign whereby they'd teach snipped men alternatives, such as applying lubrication oils or creams.
  • There are thousands of nerve endings on the foreskin, thus a potential detriment for sexual pleasure
  • the fact that with highsnipping (more skin removed), boys "borrow" skin from the pubic region thus making their penis unnecessarily hairy.
    • (by extension) makes having more difficult as penile skin is more sensitive than pubic bone skin
    • (by extension) a hairier penis will make women more reluctant to give oral sex, as such affecting sexual diversity or versatility
    • (by extension) a hairy penis is in general less aesthetic
    • (by extension) the increased surface area of hair follicles makes one more prone to itchiness
    • (by extension) a hairier penis means a higher-maintenance penis
    • (by extension) a pubeline that extends well into the shaft will make a penis appear smaller, thus potentially affecting a man's confidence levels.
  • The fact that female snipping is called FGM (mutilation) whilst male sniping is called circumcision (implying non-mutilation).
  • The fact that health bodies responsible for unsolicited snipping aren't required by law to fund restoration.
  • Unlike other cosmetic procedures, circumcision practitioners aren't required to ask for a follow-up; this is in contrast with other practises such as LASIK where follow-ups are necessary.
  • The fact that the foreskin serves as protection for the glans, preventing excessive friction occurring, thereby preventing abrasion to the glans
    • (by extension) this issue is especially relevant in the era of metallic zippers and flies in the crotch region of pants.
  • The fact that a high-cut snip can prevent the penis from reaching its maximum size during erection, through a lack of skin permitting such an erection to take place.
  • During particularly cold weather, a combination of a tight circumcision as well as the shrinkage caused by coldness can make ejaculations or even urinating feel uncomfortable.
  • The fact that circumcision, even if it happens to tiny newborns who are unaware of their surroundings, may subconsciously forever remember the pain, and as such a potential source of depression during adulthood, akin to PTSD.
  • The fact the circumcisionist may have performed an angled circumcision, potentially forcing the unforeskinned to live with an erection that points upwards, downwards or sidewards instead of forwards.
    • (by extension) This can create awkward sexual encounters where normal sexual practises such as cowgirl seem damn near paralyzing with each thrust apparently pushing all your love muscles out of place. The extra skin inherent in foreskin is designed to avoid this by permitting the penis to have maneuverability. The penile root and corpus cavernosum may especially feel discomfort during intercourse.
  • It removes the notion of choice, as well as an inborn sense of autonomy, by removing the choice to get snipped
  • An exposed glans is just as sensitive and vulnerable as a nipple, yet the latter has millions of products catering to its protection (such as bras), whereas the former has none
  • Most fashion choices in the western world aren't designed with exposed glanses in mind; they frequently have metal zippers and other abrasive material; this is unlike the Middle East where the kameez tunics or dishdasha, which are completely smooth and mild at the crotch region, are common
  • The existence of routine circumcision that does not take into consideration aposthia or semi-aposthic boys
  • The foreskin also acts as a warmer during col weather, and as such, removing the foreskin reduces a male's tolerance levels for coldness
  • Being snipped increases the conspicuousness of the penis whilst clothed, as the ridge of the glans is exposed, thereby making the level of detail of one's mooseknuckle more visible, which may affect men with low-self esteem issues.
  • It excludes them from the orbit of women who have a foreskin fetish, as well as the choice to have such a kink themselves
  • It narrows mens' choice of clothing, since some forms of clothing have coarse zippers, which are painful to cut males
  • The increased exposure of the penile glans to various surface areas increases the amount of spontaneous erections, resulting in embarrassing instances of mooseknuckles and possibly being laughed at or thought of as a perv
  • During a high-cut circumcision, more skin is removed, thereby in general making the penis more compressed during an erection. Although this won't hamper ejacultion, it may hamper a thorough ejaculation.
  • Masturbation is more difficult as there's less skin, and as such, even normal forms of masturbation may result in rough handling
    • (by extension) Death-grip syndrome, a condition wherein ejaculation is difficult or impossible to achieve, is more likely to occur among cut than uncut men. Thats because there is less skin to manipulate, resulting in an increased agitation of adjacent body parts, such as the glans, or the penile root
  • When excessive skin is removed, erections can be immensely tight; this may eventually wear down the prostrate, and thereby weaken it, especially by the time one reaches old age
  • Snipped men experience a more exhaustive range of symptoms pertaining to penopause
  • "Vacuousness syndrome": Men who are snipped often experience vacuousness syndrome. Vacuousness syndrome means a sense that something is missing. This feeling comes from deductive reasoning. The snipped male looks at the rest of his body and notices that the entirety of his body is covered with the integumentary system or the endocrine system; with the exception of his penile glans. The all-encompassing and comprehensive nature of the integumentary system (which includes skin, nails, eyelids etc.) will subconsciously make the snipped male wonder why this external protection doesn't extend to his penile glans. For the snipped male with vacuousness syndrome, it feels like something is missing.
  • Appropriateness; due to evolutionary psychology, mankind is biologically (if subconsciously) wired to associate the visibility of the penile glans with sexual arousal. Thats because for vast majority of human history, males were intact. The penile glans only became visible if males were aroused, or if he physically pulled the foreskin backwards. Snipping only gained notewowrthy demographics during the classical era and into the 21st century, remains a minority in contrast with the plurality of worldwide males who are intact. Although there is a distinction in the appearance of an erect snipped male and a flaccid snipped male, for some males whose flaccid state is perpendicular or near-perpendicular, the distinction can be very minute. This is especially so if such a male is a shower as opposed to a grower. This wouldn't be a problem if the various Abrahamic religions hadn't demonized the male form or his sexuality for millennia. As of the 21st century however, the appearance of having a semi-erection amongst such snipped males, even whilst being entirely flaccid, naturally evokes the despondency of inappropriateness.
  • One of the main goals of circumcision is to make men last long; however, sometimes the effects of snipping are overly effective, thereby resulting in a rise in Death Grip Syndrome.
  • The spouses of men (or the men themselves) often have a ball play fetish. Yet these spouses find it difficult (or are even unable) to enact their fetish if their partner has undergone a high-cut snip, due to exorbitant scrotal retraction during an erection, which often makes such ball play painful.
  • Maneuverability of the penis when there's insufficient skin is also heightened considerably. For example when wearing boxer briefs, or briefs in general, it may be uncomfortable, or in rarer cases near impossible to place the penis sideways when tumescent. Or for men with a downward angle erection, uptucking may feel near impossible.
  • Circumfetishists and circumsexuals exist. These are people who get a kick out of removing foreskins. There's no way of knowing whether actual practitioners or those sitting at decision making boards have such inclinations.

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