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The circumcision blackpill is the realization that circumcision (the amputation of the male foreskin) removes most of the penile nerve endings,[1] thus sexual pleasure and that women tend to prefer men whose genitals are intact.

Additionally, the rolling mechanism and the ability of the penis to lubricate it's own glans gets ablated with circumcision, thus circumcised men rely on artificial lubricants. Permanent contact friction against the clothing also diminishes sensitivity.

Circumcision also reduces the girth of the penis front.

The scientific state-of-the-art about the function of intact foreskin is briefly summarized on

During puberty, circumcision may mean even higher sensitivity, enabling the ability to enact a hands-free orgasms. This, however, wears off during the vicenarian years during which a man may emit the cowpers and defile their clothes and may even damage the tendons or erectile tissue on their penis from prolonged erectile friction against their clothing. An extremely tight skin around one's shaft works similar to having an extremely tight palm grip your shaft. Both clasp against the nerves along the shaft and both pull upon the ridge of the glans during erections, thereby placing an unnecessary amount of strain upon the extended insular penile shaft within the perineum.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

[“F***ing pissed” wouldn't describe how I would feel if I watched American Circumcision [documentary] as a mutilated male.] (similar)

—Henri Duncard (lost tweet by Intact man)

At least, Incels with foreskin can experience more sexual pleasure [sensations] from masturbation than a mutilated Chad (attractive male) from his [circumcised] penis during real sex.

Intactivist CircumCrippled (on Twitter)

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