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A day on r/HAPAS.

r/HAPAS is as a subreddit community for half Asians to discuss ethniceldom, describe hatred of their parents, cultural alienation, and sexual frustration that they believe is the result of their Eurasian, often Asian-female-White-male (AFWM) parents. It was founded by Eurasian Tiger.

The word "hapa" is a Hawaiian Pidgin word which translates to "half" and is mostly used to designate a half White-half Asian person of mixed ethnicity.[1]

They hate their parents[edit | edit source]

r/Hapas posters often complain that AFWM relationships are solely based on a complimentary racial fetishes. The White males (their father) in these sorts of relationships are commonly depicted as beta males/weirdos who can't get white women. On the other hand, the typical Asian female in these WMAF relations(their mother) is commonly portrayed as hypergamous, lying, shallow, gold digger, or as mentally unbalanced women with an ethnomasochistic hatred of Asian men.

The story of Elliot Rodger, the incel mass shooter of Biracial Chinese-English descent is commonly used as a polemical exemplar of the type of children WMAF relationships typically produce. While for HAPA females, the Ivy League educated pornstar Kelly Baltazar, who is internet famous for staring in extreme pornography for a brief period while having an extremely wealthy father, is used as an example of the type of daughters such interracial relationships can produce.[2]

Stats on WMAF relationships[edit | edit source]

However, some see this attitude as little more than a frustrated attempt to cope. Statistics seem to generally go against these stereotypes of WMAF couples, as on average White Male-Asian Female couples have lower rate of divorce than racially homogenous White Male-White Female relationships.[3] Some studies show interracial daters are considered more attractive by third parties.[4]

Both Asian Male-White Female and WMAF interracial couples in the US have high household income, which suggests that East Asian women rather tend to date high earning white men, but class/status marriage homogamy is a more likely explanation of this than gold-digging as Asians tend to be wealthier than Whites in the US. Asian women have the highest median average incomes among American women.[5][6] The higher income of AMWF couples is likely simply explained by men's tendency to have higher median incomes compared to women.

Inceldom[edit | edit source]

Despite the fact that many, if not most posters there are incel, they also direct their hatred at current White male incels who try to date Asians to escape inceldom.

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