Gregory Conte

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Name: Gregory Conte
Date of Birth: 1988
Occupation: former NPI employee/currently?
Ethnicity: white

Gregory Conte is an American white nationalist and former member of Richard Spencers think tank: NPI which he left due to unknown reasons. He was also the co-host of the 'Alt-Right podcast' along with Richard Spencer until late 2018.

In his podcasts about incels, Richard and company joked about letting incels go to war with and enslave boomers so that incels can rape boomers 'rape-of-the concubines' style thereby getting rid of their inceldom. Richard's white nationalist co-host Gregory Conte earnestly said that incels are the most important social phenomenon, which made Richard laugh a bit. Conte also said that governments that don't recognize incel rage deserve to fall.

Sources of above mentioned comments by Richard and Gregory: [1] (at the end) and [2]

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