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/r/inceltears, more commonly known as IncelTears, sometimes mockingly called CuckTears or CuckQueers, and occasionally shortened to IT, is a neoliberal, anti-incel hate-filled movement on Reddit devoted to incelphobia and screencapping trolls or false flaggers in the incelosphere. Some have commented that it was part of a broader xenophobic "whitelash" against ricecels and currycels and a symptom of aggrieved female-entitlement to economically-productive men.

An October 3rd 2019 post from r/IncelTears breaking the subreddit rules against bullying and virgin shaming‎ and yet massively upvoted

It was one of the most toxic masculine sites on the internet, entirely devoted to (unsuccessfully) keeping men from sharing their deepest feelings online, even on sites with rules against violent speech like

The forum was shut down by one of the mods on April the 10th, 2020. Nonetheless the subreddit returned as r/IncelTear immediately after and the new subreddit quickly grew in number of subscribers.

The subreddit returned in June 2023 after an autistic foid requested it to be reinstated during reddit API blackout drama. The r/IncelTear serves as a sister subreddit to it. The current reiteration has less activity as most of the active posters from that era have been banned or left reddit.

Reason Behind its existence[edit | edit source]

"Researchers at the University of Toronto have found that when a woman is rejected by a hot guy she does go a little off the deep end. Maybe she doesn’t boil a pet bunny, stalk her ex’s family, then tries to kill them all with a kitchen knife, but she does turn that pain into cruelty and turns against less attractive men." “Accepting connection from a low status other may imply that one is of similarly low status, which may call into question one’s prospects for future acceptance.” [1][2]

Shutdown incident[edit | edit source]

On April 10, 2020, moderator AndySambergsPants came back from hibernation, removed all the mods, deleted all posts and then privatized the sub and deleted his account, effectively killing the sub, leaving only the message, "That's all folks. We're done.`[sic]"

Some suggested the mod did not like how embarrassing the sub has become after returning to the sub after an almost two year break.

In fact, right before the act, he made a thread complaining about the quality of the sub.[3]

The focus of this sub

I've been mulling this over for a while .. the sub has lost it's edge. It's basically brazillian sigma shitposting like a motherfucker for those sweet, sweet internet points. I'm not sure exactly how yet, but I feel like our focus needs to shift. This sub is kinda .. dated, really. I'm all ears if you guys have any suggestions. I'd like to see it become relavent[sic!] on Reddit again, and more welcoming.

People in many other subreddits were relieved by the shutdown due to how toxic the place had become.[4][5][6]

IncelTears returned in June 2023 after reddit blackout fiasco, as a sister sub of r/IncelTear. The current head mod appears to be an autistic foid from Sweden.[7][8]

Advocation of violence against incels[edit | edit source]

Despite some relatively recent (before the deletion) rule changes, in the past, users of inceltears have been publicly criticized for alleged advocation of suicide and genocide of low-status men[9], and implicitly criticizing Reddit for hosting such alleged extreme material.

"'Wipe them out. All of them' (pic at the top)

So Reddit is OK with IncelTears 'joking' about the genocide of involuntarily celibate men, promoting it to sub of the day no less?!


—anonymous Reddit user

Someone subscribed to the sub was arrested for attempting to elicit sexual favors from a minor.[10]

Personal life and characteristics of IncelTears users[edit | edit source]

Sadism[edit | edit source]

Subreddits that have the largest overlap in users with IncelTears. IncelTears members often tend to use other subreddits dedicated to mocking others. This means they are sadists, not altruists

If IncelTears would be intrinsically interested in the well-being of women and society, one would expect them to be interested in things like feminism and social justice. However, if one analyses what other boards IncelTears members tend to use they are overwhelmingly related to sadism, shaming, as well as gossip about unwanted sexual approaches from males along with being dedicated to mocking others online, e.g. creepyPMs, sadcringe, iamverybadass, justneckbeardthings, ihavesex, gatekeeping, niceguys, iamverysmart, badwomensanatomy and menwritingwomen. One can conclude that IncelTears are very sadistic and derive pleasure from bullying.[11][12]

There have been instances of IncelTears condoning prison rape on incels or even saying they hope incels commit suicide. Some also have said they want to force incels to hear other people having sex to torture the incels when incels have complained about hearing a couple having sex. A few women on IncelTears even admitted to having sex with their boyfriends solely to upset incels.

What IncelTears users look like[edit | edit source]

It is difficult to know what IncelTears members typically look like due to the fact that many are not only anonymous but don’t even post photos of themselves online. However, a fair amount have posted photos of themselves online. A majority of the women on IncelTears tend to be either a 5/10 becky or even sub5. A few were even sub3. One was a stacy in her 30s who tries to act and dress 18 and used to post on normal subreddits and one was a sex worker who also used to post only on normal subreddits, but those are two exceptions rather than the rule. The rest of women on IncelTears tend to be sub6 or even sub5. Only a few men on IncelTears had their photos posted online, with them being either a normie or sub5.

Mental illness and other issues among IncelTears users[edit | edit source]

Many IncelTears often claim to suffer from all kinds of issues, including PTSD, depression and other issues. Some even admit to being rape victims or child sexual abuse victims. This shows that they might hate on incels to feel better about their own lives.

Dishonesty[edit | edit source]

Some IncelTears users have lied about their personal life, and have claimed to be in their 40s when they’re probably only 20. One has lied about being American but is actually British and one shared a fake photo of themself.

Demographics[edit | edit source]


The entire sub was mostly comprised of 5 full time incelphobes: BrazilianSigma, Theseus_The_King, Urist-McWarrior, MRAGGGAN, and JustCirious and their alt accounts, with tens of thousands of people watching their posts instead of looking at the 4-5 active incel forums where they'd get a better understanding.

A majority of incelorrheans were linguistic prescriptivists, ableists, cherrypickers, broad-brushers, chadsplainers, bluepillers, sociopathic male feminists, and sociopathic female feminists.

The IncelTears community had a staggering overlap with other subreddits that are solely aimed at bullying people as described here.

Cucktears[edit | edit source]

St. Blackops2cel in a NEET costume.

Because the only ones crying are IT cucks themselves, they have been given the nickname CuckTears by members of the incelosphere. A user of the subreddit may be referred to as a “cucktear”.

As IncelTears was doing exactly what involuntarily celibate trolls want inceltears to do... react... incels who are of the trolling variety often post stuff for the sole purpose of it ending up on inceltears. The presence of inceltears and similar websites has therefore meant an increase in the amount of trolling activity and misogynistic content all over the incelosphere.

Hi cucktears or put me in the screenshot, cucktears is a standard response to an post whose edginess makes it likely to be featured at r/IncelTears.

When celibate trolls don't provide enough shit for inceltears to get triggered over, IncelTears users create sockpuppet accounts to post gross shit on incel subreddits so that they can go back and re-post their fake crap on IncelTears as genuine. The posts are often easy to identify as they will have the post history of an IT user or no post history at all. Because of this Inceltears has been accused of astroturfing incel sites to make them appear worse than they actually are. Usually for the purpose of shutting them down, or maybe just a super sophisticated version of virgin shaming.

Inceltears often forget there are just as many women who are bad at social skills than incels, if not more. They assume all women are "above" incels.

Due to the widespread ableism on inceltears, the parody forum r/DisabledPeopleTears was set up in October 2018 to imitate their style of writing. However, due to Reddit’s double standards, r/DisabledPeopleTears was quickly banned. Since inceltears users regularly conflate words with the same spelling and pronunciation but different meanings, they seem to be collectively unaware of the meanings of the words "polyseme" or "homonym".

Banning attempts[edit | edit source]

Inceltears frequently tried to get incel forums shut down. Inceltears members' sex and personal lives were so busy and fulfilling, they spent every day trying to downvote posts on subreddits full of angry, oppressed virgins. They played a role in getting r/incels shut down, leaving its members to create and move to Surely, moving people to sites with no supervision will solve bigotry.

Inceltears found itself playing whack-a-mole, as incels re-emerged on Reddit stronger than they were before, as well as creating extremely active separate forums on external websites. Banning r/incels also re-affirmed the belief incels have about being persecuted, energizing them to create more content.

Inceltears tried for a few months to get a foreign domain host to remove from a foreign server or some shit. It didn't work, cuz it was a retarded strategy. Much like the white nationalist forums that came back three months after they were supposedly "cleansed from the internet by internet companies", the same clearnet re-emergence would happen if incel forums were temporarily blacklisted from the clearnet (highly unlikely).

Hate group[edit | edit source]

They don't last long outside reddit.


Popularity[edit | edit source]

Inceltears was one of the least liked subreddits on Reddit's platform, less liked by the general Reddit population than the incel forums. Even Walter Fate considered it cringy. Reddit's general gossip sub, r/drama, has hundreds of highly-upvoted threads by a wide variety of users expressing contempt for the sub.[13]

The sub was once featured on r/subredditoftheday, where the vast majority of users there chastised Inceltears, the most highly upvoted comments being:[14]

"IncelTears is just a subreddit that bullies people and tell the incels to kill themselves. Frankly idk how a subreddit that endorses such behavior on such a large scale is even allowed do exist. But that's reddits hypocrisy for ya."


"Bunch of bullies targeting socially awkward men."


"Yeah. This isn't a humor sub like the OP says. This is an actual, unironic circlejerk sub whose entire purpose is to hate a group of people (and white knight women, apparently). In other words, people who think hating others is okay because THEIR hate is righteous."


"Who could be more pathetic than a group of mentally ill virgins who whine and bitch all day on the internet? The people who devote all their time to mocking them."


"Imagine actually being an IncelTears supporter"


Notable IncelTear members[edit | edit source]

  • BrazilianSigma (account suspended)
  • despisesunrise (Mainly focusing on watchdoging r/MGTOW)
  • Coawh85
  • koneko-dono (account suspended, possibly also DianaVic)
  • danigirl3694
  • the_moonshine (account suspended)
  • kstops
  • IllusiveGamerGirl
  • Redthornx
  • AelfredRex
  • WindamEarle (account suspended)
  • brookshire-hathaway
  • gatemansgc
  • Penguinisto
  • zoomie1977
  • UsernameForSexStuff
  • AdvocateDoogy (account suspended)
  • Princess_kitty14
  • BadAssPrincessA (account suspended)
  • Icecat767

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